VDI auto-update expected behavior and limitations

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There are some restrictions and limitations that apply when specifying a VDI plugin version. The following sections cover expected behavior and limitations.

This article covers:

Prerequisites for VDI auto-update expected behavior and limitations

  • Account owner or admin privileges
  • Your computer or device meets the software requirements for VDI auto-update
  • Organizations using Citrix XenDesktop or VMware Horizon server published desktop, or Windows Remote Desktop
  • Citrix Workspace, VMWare Horizons, AVD client, or Windows remote desktop client
    Note: Citrix Workspace app from Microsoft store is not supported.
  • Virtual Channel policies configured for Citrix

Supported plugin version range

The plugin version specified in a policy will be downloaded and installed only if the version meets some requirements.

Host version and VDI plugin version compatibility

It’s required that the version of the VDI plugin must be equal to or less than the version of the VDI Zoom Meeting client. If the value configured for AutoUpdatePluginVersion is greater than the VDI Zoom Meeting client version, the version specified will not be installed and a version compatible with the client will be downloaded and installed instead.

The VDI plugin auto-update software supports a limited range of backward-compatible VDI plugin versions for each VDI Zoom Meeting client release. The following table provides an example of how newer versions will only install a specified version of the VDI plugin if the version specified is supported by the VDI Zoom Meeting client’s compatibility for the VDI plugin auto-update.

VDI Client Version Default Plugin Version Minimum Supported Plugin Version Maximum Supported Plugin Version
5.9.6 5.9.6 5.9.6 5.9.6
5.10.0 5.10.0 5.9.6 5.10.0
5.10.2 5.10.2 5.10.0 5.10.2
5.10.6 5.10.6 5.10.0 5.10.6
5.10.7 5.10.6 5.10.0 5.10.6
5.11.0 5.11.0 5.10.0 5.11.0
5.11.2 5.11.2 5.10.0 5.11.2

The above table is an example showing some recent releases with the default, minimum, and maximum plugin versions that can be specified. Learn more about new releases and compatibility.

Use the AutoUpdatePluginVersion policy

If the version specified for AutoUpdatePluginVersion is outside of the versions supported for the release of the VDI Zoom Meeting client, the VDI plugin auto-update software will install the default plugin value instead.

If the version specified for AutoUpdatePluginVersion is less than the version currently installed, the auto-update software will inform the user that the plugin they are using needs to be uninstalled before the required VDI plugin can be installed.

Note: Specifying a VDI plugin less than a version that is already installed can result in removing the existing VDI plugin, even if that VDI plugin is compatible with the VDI Zoom Meeting client. For this reason, Zoom does not recommend using the AutoUpdatePluginVersion policy unless there is a compelling reason to enforce a specific version. The recommended approach for VDI plugin auto-update is to allow the default VDI plugin version to be installed.

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