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If you have a Calendly account or planning to create one, you can easily connect it to Zoom to make scheduling meetings more convenient for you and your invitees. It allows you to share your customized URL where invitees can book your time and automatically generate unique Zoom conference details that will be sent to both you and your invitee. You can set your availability to choose a schedule that you can apply to your event types. This lets you control the date and time your invitees can see and book using Calendly

This article covers

Prerequisites for using Calendly for Zoom Calendly account

How to connect Calendly with Zoom

  1. Sign in to your Calendly account.
  2. In the top navigation menu, click Integrations then Video conferencing.
  3. Click Zoom then Connect Zoom.
  4. Select the Allow this app to use my shared access permissions check box at the bottom of the page then click Allow

How to set Zoom as the Location

Setting Zoom as the Location for an event type will enable Zoom integration and the details for the Zoom meeting will automatically be added to all new events of the selected type.

Users with existing event type

  1. On the Calendly home page, click the gear icon for an event type then click Edit
  2. Click What event is this?
  3. In the Add a location field, select Zoom Web conference.
  4. Click Save & Close.

Users with no existing event type

  1. In the top-right corner of the Calendly home page, click Create then Event type.
  2. Choose an event type between the following options:
    • One-on-One: Allows an invitee to pick a time to meet with you
    • Group: Allows multiple invitees to meet with you at one time.
    • Collective: Host an event with another person and let invitees pick a time when you’re all available. This requires inviting people to join your Calendly account.
    • Round Robin: Create an event that cycles between multiple hosts. This requires inviting people to join your Calendly account.
  3. Click What event is this? then enter a name for your event.
  4. In the Add a location field, select Zoom Web conference.
  5. (Optional) In the Description/Instructions field, write a summary or any details your invitee should know about the event
  6. (Optional) Add a customized Event link. An Event URL will be automatically generated if you don't specify one.
  7. Click Next to save the event.
    Note: Other fields may appear depending on the event type you selected.

If you are new to Calendly or need additional information, discover more about how Calendly works.

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