Release notes for December 12, 2022

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Note: The releases for the Zoom client, Zoom client for Intune, Outlook plugin, and IBM Notes plugin originally scheduled for today have been delayed to December 19, 2022

Release notes for Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)

Changes to existing features

  • Remove requirement for user account control (UAC) for VDI Client AutoUpgrade
    VDI client auto upgrade does not require admin authorization for users, and the UAC dialogue box has been removed. Previously, UAC was required for VDI client auto upgrade.
    Note: This change will only affect future updates. The UAC dialog will still be displayed when updating from an older release. Only after a version of 5.12.7 or higher has been installed, future updates will hide the UAC dialog for auto-update.

Resolved issues

  • Improved display of active screen sharing when joining meeting
    The time required to display shared screen content when joining a meeting, where a screen sharing session was already in progress, has been reduced.
  • Stop camera when closing video settings after audio-only avatar selection
    The camera indicator was not turning off when a user first disabled the camera for audio-only avatar mode, then opened the settings for video configuration and closed the dialog. This issue has been resolved.
  • Missing watermark if host disables/enables feature during meeting
    An issue was discovered where watermarks were not being displayed if the meeting host disabled watermarks during the meeting, and then, enabled it again. This problem has been fixed.
  • Maintain the latest VDI Plugin Auto-Update version for Windows
    The VDI Plugin Auto-Update software for Windows will always maintain the latest version, even after the downgrade of the VDI plugins.

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