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Published April 2017


You can stream a Zoom Webinar live on YouTube. This allows participants to join your webinar via Zoom as a panelist or attendee or view it and comment on it via YouTube.

This article covers:


  • Zoom Webinar feature is enabled
  • Zoom Client version 4.0 or higher on PC or a Mac
  • Live Stream is enabled on YouTube


How to stream directly from a Webinar

To initiate live streaming of your Webinar on YouTube:

  1. Start the Webinar.
  2. Navigate to the More menu.

  1. Choose Live on YouTube and log in to YouTube.
    After you authenticate successfully, the following page displays.

  1. Specify the following settings on the Broadcasting to YouTube Live page:
  • Zoom Webinar title on YouTube
    Automatically populated with the Zoom Webinar topic. Navigate to the text box to change it.
  • Privacy
    You can choose Public, Unlisted, or Private
  1. Click the Go Live! button.
       You see a progress bar, letting you know that your session is being prepared for streaming.

  1. Wait for the notification from the Zoom client that your Webinar is Live on YouTube, then begin your Webinar.

Your webinar on YouTube is approximately 20 seconds behind the webinar on Zoom, due to a brief processing time. 

How to stream from a Webinar to a scheduled YouTube event

  1. Navigate to your Webinar Settings on Click Edit next to In Webinar Settings. Enable Custom Live Streaming Service and click Save Changes.
  2. Open a new tab and Sign In to your YouTube account. Click your profile picture and then select Settings.
  3. Click View additional features.
  4. Click Live Streaming.
  5. Click Events. Click Create live event.
  6. Input your event details, change the type to Custom, then click Create event.
  7. Select Reusable stream key, then click Select a stream. Click Create new stream.

  8. Name your stream and select 1500 Kbps - 4000 Kbps (720p) for the bitrate (this is optimal for Zoom). Click Save Changes.
  9. Select Other encoders. The information contained on the YouTube page needs to be manually transferred to your webinar settings on Open a new tab and navigate to your scheduled webinar there.
  10. Click the Live Streaming tab, then click configure live stream settings.

  11. Copy and paste the Primary Server URL from YouTube into the Stream URL field.
  12. Copy and paste the Stream name from YouTube into the Stream Key field.
  13. On your open YouTub page click Save Changes, then click View on Watch Page. Copy the URL from this page into the Live Streaming Page URL field on and click Save.
  14. Start your Zoom webinar when you are ready to begin the event. Once the webinar is started click More, then click Live on Custom Live Streaming Service.

  15. YouTube will open on your browser. Click Analytics then click Preview. Wait approximately 20 seconds and click Play. The 20 second delay will be present during the live stream.
  16. Click Start Streaming to begin.
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