Zoom Rooms Controller Features Follow


Zoom Rooms must be associated with a controller,  which can be hosted on an iPad, an Android tablet/Crestron Mercury (which has the same features as an Android tablet) or a Windows 10 tablet. The only exception is for Zoom Room for Touch, which has limited controller features built into the touch screen. Zoom Rooms for Touch can function with or without a controller, but for full functionality, Zoom recommends pairing it with a controller.

Note: There is a known issue with iOS 12 where the iPad will go to sleep when in Guided Access mode. We recommend waiting to update to iOS 12 until this is fixed or disabling Guided Access on iPads running iOS 12. 


The Zoom Rooms app runs on the following devices:

  • Apple iPad, iPad Pro, or iPad Mini running iOS version 7.0 or later
  • Android tablet running version 4.0 or later
    Zoom recommends that you use a device with a screen that is 7 inches or larger
  • Windows tablet running version 10.0.14393 or later
  • Crestron Mercury
  • Polycom Trio


Download the Zoom Rooms app for the iPad from the Apple store.

Download the Zoom Rooms app for Android from the Zoom download page or from the Google Play store.

No download is required for embedded Android controllers like the Crestron Mercury or Polycom Trio

Download the Zoom Rooms Windows Controller from the Microsoft Store.


The following table shows which features are available on each type of controller.

Note: The Zoom Rooms Scheduling Display is available for the Zoom Rooms software for the iPad controller and Android controller. The Zoom Rooms software for the Windows controller does not support the Scheduling Display.  

Feature iPad Android Windows Polycom Trio
Meet Now  
Meet now for a specified duration with selected participants ✔ (duration is fixed)
Contact list display for conference rooms and participants (with presence indication)
Meeting List  
Display today’s meeting list
Start a scheduled meeting
Upcoming meeting alert
Join a meeting or webinar using the Meeting ID
Use voice commands      
Share via HDMI
Share via Airplay
Direct share with sharing key
Start a meeting while in a screen sharing session
Set the duration of a screen sharing session  
Optimize full-screen video sharing
Start a phone call while in a screen sharing session
Direct share with proximity detection
Note - Proximity sharing on the Android Zoom Room Controller is supported on the Galaxy Tab A 8" & 10.1"
Dial out using the keypad
Switch from a phone call to a full Zoom video meeting
Show call history
Show a list of countries to call out to
In-Meeting Controls  
Mute/Unmute microphones in the room
Show/Hide local video
Change video layout
Choose Thumbnail (for iPad and Android), Gallery, or Active Speaker
Switch to a different camera from a list (iPad and Android) or rotate through all available cameras (Windows)
Allow remote control (Zoom client can control Zoom Room's camera)
Enable mirroring effect for the camera  
Control the meeting volume
Make another participant the host
Remove a participant from the meeting
Allow participants to record the meeting
Pin a participant’s video  
Spotlight a participant  
Move and resize the on-screen video thumbnail during screen share (only available for single screen Zoom Rooms)  
Record the meeting to the cloud
Mute participants on entry
Ask a participant to start their video
Stop a participant’s video
Claim or reclaim host control of the meeting    
Show closed caption text  
Device Settings  
Select a microphone
Select a speaker
Select a camera
Lock settings
Support Multiple MXL USB microphones  
Switch to Scheduling Display  ✔    
Power on/off CEC TVs    
Reduce excessive sound reverberation
Web Settings  
Transform all meetings to private
Hide host and meeting ID from private meetings
Choose a default call-in country
Display end-of-meeting experience feedback survey    
Specify telephone only for audio    
Specify 3rd party audio  
Specify operation time for the controller (CEC)    
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