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You can use an Android tablet version 4.0 or later as the Controller for Zoom Rooms. Zoom recommends that you use a device that has a screen that is 8 inches or larger.


You can download the app from

Unsupported Features

The Android version of the Zoom Rooms Controller works the same way as an iPad Controller. However, the  following features that are available in the iPad version are not available in the Android version:

  • Web option to lock speaker volume control
  • Ringing on Zoom Room side for a PSTN call, if the Zoom Room has that capacity
  • Direct presentation with either Meeting ID or ultrasonic sound proximity
  • Incoming calls supported through SIP PBX
  • Remote management of the Zoom Room from the Zoom web page
  • User feedback after meeting
  • Mute on Entry support
  • Remote camera control
  • Display pinning
  • Request to Stop/Start video by host
  • Control floating video location in a meeting
  • Display IT contacts in alert messages
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