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Zoom for Zendesk Integration Follow


The Zoom / Zendesk app provides the following features:

  • The agent can create an instant Zoom meeting, and post the meeting join URL to the conversation.
  • The agent can schedule zoom meetings, and post the start/stop times and join URL to the conversation.
  • In the Zoom meeting, if participants create one or more cloud recordings, the Zoom app will post URLs for those cloud recordings to the ticket conversation after the meeting ends.
  • Agents/customers can receive email/notification via Zendesk email.

There is also a Zendesk bot available in the Zoom Marketplace, which can notify you of Zendesk support ticket activity. Learn more.

This article covers:


  • Zoom account for installing apps
  • Owner or admin privileges for configuring pre-approval


For instructions on setting up the Zendesk App, please refer to the Zendesk App Marketplace instructions

Using the App 

Start an instant meeting

When viewing a ticket, click on the Apps button to show the Zoom meeting options in the sidebar.

Click on the Start a Meeting button to launch an instant Zoom meeting. The Zendesk app will add a message to the conversation, as a public reply, that includes a link to the Zoom meeting. The agent can annotate this message before submitting it

Once the message is posted in the conversation, the customer can click the link to join the Zoom meeting.

Schedule a meeting

Click on the Schedule a Meeting button to launch the Zoom meeting schedule dialog:

The dialog auto-fills the Topic field with the ticket title. Assignee When is the current date/time, in the assignee’s time zone. Requester When is the corresponding date/time in the Requester’s time zone.

Click Save to schedule the meeting and post a summary message containing the join URL to the conversation as a public reply. Annotate the message before Submitting the reply.

Meeting Ended

After the meeting ends, the agent will receive a private conversation entry, with the meeting summary, including: meeting topic, start time, end time, duration in minutes, and list of participants.

Meeting Cloud Recording

If more than one person attends the meeting, and if one or more cloud recordings are created during the meeting, then when the meeting ends, the Zoom app will send a notification to the Zendesk conversation that includes URLs to the cloud recording links.

By clicking on the cloud recording links, you can watch the cloud recording online or download it without signing into Zoom.