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IT Admin may choose to install Zoom with preconfigured settings on the Zoom Client for a Mac. To install with preconfigured settings on a Windows machine, please see this article

Note: This configuration requires the use of installing a .plist file with the Zoom for IT Admins Installer for Mac. 


Go to Download Center, and click on Download for IT Admin; or directly from


Create and Configure the .plist file

In order to configure options for the Zoom Client on Mac, you will need to create a .plist file. This file can contain the following keys:

Key Description String
ZDisableVideo Disable video camera by default --
ZAutoJoinVoip Automatically join VoIP --
ZDualMonitorOn Automatically enable dual monitor  --
ZAutoSSOLogin Default to login with SSO  --
ZSSOHost Preconfigured SSO URL full vanity URL, eg.
ZAutoFullScreenWhenViewShare Automatically enter full screen when viewing shared content  --
ZAutoFitWhenViewShare Automatically fit to window when viewing shared content  --
ZUse720PByDefault Enable HD Video by default -- 
ZRemoteControllAllApp Remote control all applications -- 
ZHideNoVideoUser Hide non-video participants by default -- 
nogoogle Disable Google login option
nofacebook Disable Facebook login option


An example .plist file with all settings from above enabled by default can be found here.


Once the .plist file is complete, it will need to be named us.zoom.config.plist. When deploying, as long as this file is in the same folder as the ZoomInstallerIT.pkg, the installation will automatically put the .plist file into the /Library/Preferences folder.

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