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Epic Integration Follow

Note: A new Epic integration is now available in beta in the Zoom Marketplace. If setting up a new integration, we recommend using the Marketplace app. Learn more.


The Zoom integration with Epic enables the health care organizations to launch Zoom from within an Epic video visit workflow. Using context aware linking in Epic, a link to a zoom video session can be placed in an Epic appointment. This will enable Epic users to easily use Zoom and the Epic EHR in a streamlined side by side workflow.

  1. Physicians will be able to go into their video visit appointments in Hyperspace and launch directly into the video visit in Zoom. They will continue to document in Epic while performing the video visit
  2. Patients will be able to launch into Zoom from their MyChart Patient portal on their personal computer or mobile device.

Note: Please work with your SE or CSM to ensure that Zoom is configured correctly to work with the Epic integration.


  • In order to build the FDI records in Epic, you need to get your Zoom API key pair. You can login into Zoom Developer Platform and get the API key and Secret
  • When a provider or patient launch the URL’s, Epic will be passing some key information (org id, user type, session id, user id) to Zoom over an exclusive encrypted Telehealth API. Zoom will auto launch a video session based on attributes that are passed from Epic – there is no need to schedule these video visits in Zoom
  • If a patient joins the video visit before the provider, he/she will see a message “waiting for the host to start this meeting” and will be placed in the video session when the provider joins
  • When a patient launches the session, Zoom auto creates an encrypted password for that session – no one can join that session just with a zoom meeting id
  • If a patient drops out of the session, they can rejoin as long as the provider is still in the session
  • When a patient joins the session before the provider, the provider gets a notification from within Hyperspace – this is enabled through a call back from Zoom. This call back can be configured by the Zoom account admin under Integrations tab. The call back URL needs to provided by Epic.


  • Zoom is HIPAA compliant 
  • All communications between Zoom and Epic as well as Zoom video sessions are encrypted with AES-256 bit encryption
  • Zoom video visits launched from Epic are dynamic password protected
  • All of your account level settings are applicable for your video visit sessions. That means, you can disable recordings, annotations etc. if needed for security reasons

Current Limitations

The provider cannot capture the screen and auto insert the screen shots into the Epic records.


Please contact your Epic technical representative to get more information on building the FDI records and workflow.