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Panopto Integration lets you automatically upload your Zoom cloud recording to Panopto after your meeting ends.


  • Cloud Recording Add-On Plan
  • Pro, Business, Education, API, or Enterprise plan


To enable Panopto to upload Zoom cloud recordings:

  1. Log into Zoom and click the Integration tab.
  2. Scroll to the Panopto section and click the Configure link.
  3. Enter the following values:
    • FQDN - the domain of your Panopto site, such as
    • Admin User ID - the email address of a user who has privileges to upload the recording files for your Zoom account to the Panopto site
    • Admin User Password - the password for the Admin User ID
  4. Select the Enable Upload Recording option to enable the integration.
  5. (Optional) Select the Stop Email Notification option to prevent notification emails from Zoom from being sent to the meeting organizer when the recordings are uploaded.
  6. Click Save Changesscreen1_PanoptoIntegrationValues.PNG
  7. Click the Account Settings tab and scroll to the Recording section to ensure that that the option for Cloud recording is enabled for your account. 
  8. Ensure that members of your account enable Cloud recording at the user level. This setting is in the Recording section of the My Meeting Settings page for each member in your organization.

When a user on your account records to the cloud, the recordings are processed when the meeting ends and the recording files are automatically added to your Panopto site.


Viewing the Recordings on Panopto

The configuration for Panopto recordings is at the Zoom account level. However, recordings published to your Panopto site are organized based on the email address of the meeting host.

  • To view the status of a recording on your Panopto site, click Browse, and then click the folder with the email address of the meeting organizer. screen3_PanoptoRecordingList.png
  • To play the recording directly on your Panopto site, click the recording file.
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