Using closed captioning in Zoom Rooms

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Zoom Room meeting hosts can enable live transcription for a meeting, or assign participants to manually type captions. If the Zoom Room joins a meeting as a participant, and closed captioning or live transcription is available for that meeting, the captions can be viewed on the Zoom Rooms display. 

This article covers:

Prerequisites for using closed captioning in Zoom Rooms

How to enable closed captioning in Zoom Rooms

  1. Sign in to the Zoom web portal.
  2. In the navigation menu, click Room Management then Zoom Rooms.
  3. Click Edit next to the Zoom Room you want to enable closed captioning for. 
  4. Click the Meeting tab.
  5. Under In Meeting (Advanced), click the Manual captions or Automated captions (live transcription) toggle to enable or disable them.
    Manual captions allows the meeting host to assign a participant to type the closed captions.
    Automated captions
    (live transcription) uses the meeting audio to automatically create captions.

How to view closed captions or live transcription in a Zoom Room

  1. Join a meeting where closed captioning or live transcription is being provided by the host.
  2. On the Zoom Rooms controller, you will see a red dot appear over the Closed Caption or Transcription icon when closed captioning or live transcription is available.
  3. Tap Closed Caption or, Transcription depending on which is available. 
  4. Tap the toggle on the window to display the text on the Zoom Rooms display. 
  5. (Optional) Adjust the text size with the slider bar.  

How to use closed captioning as the meeting host 

Enabling live transcription in meeting

  1. Tap Participants on the Zoom Rooms controller.
  2. In the lower right corner of the participants list, tap More... then tap Enable Live Transcription.

Assigning a participant to manually type captions in a meeting

  1. Tap Participants, then tap a participant in the participants list.
  2. Tap Assign to Type Closed Caption to have that user manually type the captions. 

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