Closed Captioning With Zoom Rooms Follow


Closed Captioning allows a Zoom Room to view closed captions if they are available for the meeting. 

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Enable as an Admin

  1. To enable closed captioning for your Zoom Room, go to the Zoom Room settings and edit the settings for the Zoom Room where you need closed captioning enabled. 
  2. Select Meeting Settings
  3. Select Show More Settings
  4. Under In Meeting (Advanced), toggle Closed Caption to on. 

View Closed Captions in a Meeting

  1. On the controller, you will see CC appear on the settings icon when Closed Captions are available for a meeting.
  2. Click on Settings and toggle Closed Caption to on. 
  3. You can adjust the text size.
  4. Closed Captions will now appear on the Zoom Room display.  
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