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By default, anyone with the join link or meeting ID can join a meeting hosted by users on your account, even if they are not signed into Zoom. You have the option to restrict meeting participants to users who are signed into Zoom. You can also restrict participation even further, to those who are signed in from a specific set of email address domains.  


  • Owner or Admin Privileges on the Zoom Account
  • Free with Credit Card Verification, Pro, Business, Education or API Partner Plan


To limit the participants who can join meetings in your account:

  1. Sign into Zoom as an administrator or owner.
  2. Click Account Settings, then scroll to the Join Meeting section. 
  3. Click Edit in the Join Meeting section.1_LimitWhoCanJoin.PNG
  4. Enable one of the following settings:
    • Only signed-in users can join meetings
      If you enable this option, anyone who is signed into Zoom can join meetings in your account, preventing unknown participants from joining.
    • Only signed-in users with specified domains can join meetings
      If you enable this option, a text entry field displays, where you can type a list of domains that are permitted to join meetings organized by users on your account. 2_JoinMeetingSettings.PNG
  5. Click Save Changes.
    The domains that you specified are displayed directly below the setting. 3_JoinMeetingFromDomain.PNG
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