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Upcoming Release

Details about upcoming releases will be posted as they become available. 

Current Release

September 18, 2017 Version: 1.4.16

New Feature

  • Support for the updated Google Calendar interface.

Resolved Issues

  • An issue in which some scheduled events did not include the “Make it a Zoom Meeting” button in Google Calendar has been resolved.  

Previous Releases

June 26, 2017 Version: 1.4.15

Resolved Issues

  • This release fixes an issue in which the timezone from the Google Calendar was not correctly used for meetings scheduled through the Zoom Scheduler.  

June 20, 2017 Version: 1.4.14

Resolved Issues

  • This release fixes an issue in which signed-in users saw a “Session Expired” message when they attempted to schedule a meeting using the Zoom Scheduler.

June 12, 2017 Version: 1.4.13

New Feature

  • Additional sign in methods available
    In addition to signing into Zoom through Google, the Zoom Scheduler now allows you to sign in using your organization’s Single Sign-On (SSO) or your email address and the password you used when registering with Zoom.
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