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Upcoming Release

Details about upcoming releases will be posted as they become available.

Current Release

September 29, 2017: Zoom Rooms for PC Version: 4.0.49299.0928

New and Enhanced Features

  • Meeting time format follows the system settings
    The meeting time displayed on your screen now follows the Windows system settings format, so that the meeting time is either in 12 hour format (such as 3:00 pm) or 24 hour format (such as 15:00).
  • Support for XLR microphones
    Note that XLR microphones require the 18 channel, 16 bit setting in Windows. Go to Windows Settings > Sound > Recording and choose the microphone. Change the setting on the Advanced tab of the Properties page, then restart Zoom Rooms.
  • Performance Enhancements

Resolved Issues

  • Minor bug fixes 

Previous Release

August 23, 2017: Zoom Rooms for PC Version: 4.0.44731.0823

New and Enhanced Features

  • Zoom Rooms Scheduling Display
    A new mode in the Zoom Rooms app configures your iPad tablet as a simple and convenient tool that displays and schedules meetings. Run the iPad app in Scheduling Display mode and position the tablet directly outside of the Zoom Room to display room availability and allow a room to be be reserved.
    • Display Zoom Rooms availability from outside of the room
      Position an iPad on the wall outside of a Zoom Room. The top portion of the tablet displays information about upcoming meetings scheduled for the room, while the bottom portion prominently shows whether the room is currently occupied or available.
    • Instantly schedule meetings for Zoom Rooms
      Use the Reserve button on the Scheduling Display to schedule your own meeting during a time period when the Zoom Room is free. Both the Scheduling Display and the Zoom Room calendar instantly show the new meeting, preventing others from double-booking the room.

      Details about the iPad that runs the Zoom Rooms Scheduling Display are available in the Devices tab for the room on the Zoom website.
  • Zoom Rooms for Touch features
    • Meeting controls
      A subset of controller features is incorporated into the Zoom Rooms for Touch screen, allowing you to start, join, and control a meeting. A controller is no longer required, but can be added if you need the full set of controller features.
    • Whiteboard annotation tools
      The whiteboard tools are simplified, with enhanced responsiveness and ease of use when touching the screen.
    • Whiteboard meetings
      You can start a whiteboard session outside of a meeting, and then start a meeting while the whiteboard session is in progress. Once the meeting is started, you can invite others to join.
    • Save whiteboard content
      While using the whiteboard, you can click a Save icon. This displays a dialog where you can enter one or more email addresses. The image of the whiteboard an email that includes an image of the content and annotations of the whiteboard.
    • Annotate direct share screens
      When a meeting participant uses Direct Share to display content on a Zoom Rooms for Touch screen, participants can use the whiteboard tools to annotate the shared content.
  • Zoom Rooms In-meeting features
    • Choose a Thumbnail, Gallery, or Speaker video layout
      The new Thumbnail layout combines the speaker view with a scaled down gallery view. In this layout, a single row of thumbnails containing the most recent speakers displays below a large view of the currently active speaker. Tap the name of the current view on the iPad controller to switch among the layout choices. See Zoom Rooms Display Options for details.
    • Switch to a specific active camera
      If more than two cameras are available in the Zoom Room, you can dynamically choose which camera is active by choosing the camera from a list. Tap Switch Camera to display the list of available cameras and then tap the one you want to use. See Switch Cameras During Meetings in Zoom Rooms for details.
    • Multiple MXL USB microphone support
      When multiple MXL microphones are available in a Zoom Room, they are merged into a single entity and managed together. The room automatically detects which microphone needs to be active at a particular time. Using multiple microphones is particularly useful in large rooms where a single microphone might not detect the sounds from all parts of the room. See Configure Multiple MXL Microphones for details.
    • Support for additional devices for HDMI Sharing
      The following HDMI-USB devices now support audio and video sharing in Zoom Rooms:
      • Magewell USB Capture HDMI Gen 2
      • Magewell USB Capture HDMI Plus
      The following HDMI-USB device now supports video sharing in Zoom Rooms:
        Note that audio sharing is not supported on this device
  • Zoom Rooms Management feature
    • Disable devices alerts from appearing on the screen
      The Alert Settings tab lets you specify that peripheral device alerts do not appear on Zoom Rooms screens. For example, if you disconnect the camera and microphone, to use the room for displaying rather than presenting content, the room does not display an alert that these peripherals are disconnected. Configure the alert settings in the Alert Settings tab of the Edit Room page. To access this tab, sign into your Zoom account and click Zoom Rooms, then click the room name. Click the Edit button next to the room name to display the Edit Room page for the room, then click the Alert Settings tab at the top of that page.
    • Automatically start and stop scheduled meetings in Zoom Rooms
      You can specify that meetings in Zoom Rooms follow the Google or Microsoft calendar associated with the room. These meetings start automatically at the start time in the calendar and stop at the end time.
    • Hide or show sharing instructions on the screen
      You can enable or disable the option Hide share instruction from TV. If you enable this option, instructions for how to display your laptop are never shown on the TV.
    • Simplified Zoom Rooms Calendar integration
      You can now easily link your calendar system (Google or Microsoft) on the Calendar Integration page (under Zoom Rooms) and then assign individual room calendars to Zoom Rooms at any time. Additionally, when adding a new room, you only need to enter a unique room name in order to make the room available to your account and you can add the calendar later.

Resolved Issues

  • Minor bug fixes

April 16, 2017: Zoom Rooms for PC Version: 4.0.29736.0414

  • Improved Google login 
    Google has enhanced the login process, and in the latest version of Zoom Rooms, logging in through Google takes advantage of these enhancements. 
    Important: If you log in using Google, you must upgrade the Zoom Rooms software before April 20.
  • Minor bug fixes

March 2, 2017: Zoom Rooms for PC Version: 4.0.25538.0301

New and Enhanced Features

  • Zoom Room Management features
    • Control cloud recording for instant meetings
      Enable or disable the Start Recording button for meetings started from the "Meet Now" button on the Zoom Rooms controller. 
    • Transform all meetings to private
      Choose this option to immediately mask the display of upcoming meeting topics from Zoom Rooms screens. This can be done at the account level, the room level, or at any intermediate level in the hierarchy. The screens show either “<MeetingOrganizer_Name’s> Meeting” or “Private Meeting” instead of the original meeting topic. 
    • Hide host and meeting ID from private meetings
      If this feature is enabled, private meetings do not show the host name or meeting ID on the controller or the Zoom Room screen. Individuals can join a private meeting from a Zoom Room by clicking the Start button, even though they cannot see the host or meeting ID. This feature is available for iPad controllers only.
  • Zoom Room In-meeting feature
    • Camera presets
      The Camera Control option includes three buttons that can be used to return a camera to a specific preset position. You do not need a passcode to move the camera to the preset position, but you must enter the passcode to configure the presets. To configure a preset, long press a button to display a popup menu, where you can choose to save a camera position or rename the button. After a button is set, tap it to move the camera to the preset position.This is available on supported models of Logitech and AVer cameras. 
  • Zoom Rooms Controller feature
    • Improved end of meeting feedback survey flow
      Previously, if you chose the “Thumbs down” feedback option after the meeting ended, you had to select an option stating what went wrong. You can now choose the “Thumbs down” option without providing additional feedback. This is for iOS controllers only.


January 23, 2017: Zoom Rooms for PC Version: 4.0.22217.0124

  • Voice command is updated to only listen to activate 10 mins prior/after of a scheduled meeting. Voice command will no longer activate a meet now (instant meeting).
  • Bug fixes


January 16, 2017: Zoom Rooms for PC Version: 4.0.21287.0115

New and enhanced Features

  • Zoom Room Management features
    • Organize a hierarchical structure for your Zoom Rooms based on their location (such as Campus, Building, or Floor).
    • Remotely manage groups of Zoom Rooms and their associated devices.
  • Zoom Room In-meeting features

Resolved Issues

  • The HDMI Sharing dialog will now close after 5 minutes if no one is sharing.
  • Any meeting that includes a Zoom Room is never subject to the 40 minute meeting limitation, even if the host is using a free account.
  • The option to hide non-video participants in Zoom Rooms will now prevent participants not sending video from displaying on the active speaker view.


Nov 21, 2016: Zoom Rooms for PC Version: 3.6.12783.1121

Feature Enhancements: 


  • Fixed an issue Zoom Room Controller with proximity detection signal turned on
  • With HDMI sharing, instructions window on controller will close when screen is being shared
  • Shared screen will always show in full-screen mode
  • Other minor fixes


Oct 30, 2016: Zoom Rooms for PC Version: 3.6.10800.1031

Feature Enhancements: 


  • Remote Zoom Rooms configurations update immediately
  • Zoom Admin with Zoom Rooms management privileges can manage Zoom Rooms
  • Camera mirroring is now saved
  • Volume control in presentation mode.
  • Zoom Room name is displayed on Airplay display list instead of computer name
  • Problem report includes Zoom Room’s main email and Zoom Room’s name
  • Improved and more user friendly Zoom Rooms alert notifications
  • Fixed low speaker volume with Logitech group and Jabra speakerphones


Jul 1, 2016  Zoom Rooms for PC Version: 3.5.55999.0630 

Feature Enhancements

  • Added in-meeting switch camera control (requires iPad update)
  • New UI to end or leave a meeting (requires iPad update)
  • Mute/unmute sync with Logitech Connect Conference Camera and Jabra 810
  • Alert meeting host when invite attendees is launched for locked meetings


  • UI Issues when display ratio is set to 150%
  • List meetings with no subject/topic
  • Display Airplay instructions on all displays
  • Muted microphone will stay muted when opening the microphone settings
  • Muted microphone will stay muted when switching microphone
  • Unmute Zoom Room microphones upon leave/end
  • Mute/unmute syncs with Zoom Rooms in and out of meeting
  • Display start and end time on Zoom Rooms monitor via Dashboard
  • Screen sharing instruction clears from the display when sharing ends
  • Phone attendees can no longer be made host (requires iPad update)
  • Airplay screen sharing improvements
  • Inability to choose HDMI Audio when using Blackmagic.
  • Share instructions not showing on Touch Screen when whiteboard is being used.
  • Other minor fixes


May 2, 2016  Zoom Rooms for PC Version: 3.5.48968.0428

Feature Enhancements:

  • Move and resize the on-screen video thumbnail during screen share
  • Touch tone keypad entry (DTMF) support during a phone call. Available for both Phone dial out and Invite by Phone features
  • Switch a phone call to a full Zoom video meeting
  • HDMI screen sharing through Magewell capture device
  • Airplay and HDMI content sharing during a phone call
  • Meet Now can be configured for a randomly generated meeting ID 
  • Configurable privacy watermark display for secure content sharing
  • Other minor enhancements


Mar 14, 2016, Zoom Rooms for PC Version: 3.5.44077.0314

  • New release for Zoom Rooms for PC 
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