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Upcoming Release

Details about upcoming releases will be posted as they become available.

Current Release

July 1, 2018 Zoom Rooms for Android Controller Version 4.3.27613.0629

New and Enhanced Features

  • Zoom Rooms In-meeting features
    • One click to join a meeting hosted on a Third-Party Meeting Service
      Users can schedule a Zoom Room with Skype for Business, WebEx or GoToMeeting and the Zoom Room will show a button to join the audio conference with one click. This may be useful for companies migrating to Zoom from other video conferencing solutions or who work with vendors and customers who use 3rd party meeting services. This feature requires callout and must be enabled by Zoom support.
    • On-Premise Cloud Recording Email Collection
      If enabled, Zoom Rooms in an On-Premise configuration will prompt users to enter their email address when starting a recording.
    • Warning Messages for Performance or Network Issues
    • Improvements to the in-meeting H.323/SIP call-out list
  • Zoom Rooms Management features
    • Check-in to a Zoom Room
      The check-in feature helps maximize your room utilization. When this option is turned on, users must start the scheduled Zoom meeting or check-in to keep a room reservation. If user does not check-in within a configurable number of minutes after the scheduled start time, the room is released from the scheduled meeting and available for other users to use. Zoom Rooms activity such as starting a scheduled meeting, starting an instant meeting, making a phone call, and starting a screen share count as checking-in and do not require checking in separately. This feature can be configured on the Zoom web portal.
    • Improved Zoom Room Alerts
    • Improved Certificate Handling
  • Peripheral Device Support
    • Polycom Trio Support
      Polycom Trio can function as the controller and audio device in a Zoom Room. This requires the latest Polycom Trio firmware which can be downloaded from Polycom.
    • Exchange and O365 integration with Alexa
      For Zoom Rooms with the Exchange or O365 calendar integration, you can now use Alexa.
    • Camera preset support for Marshall CV610-U2 camera
    • Support for Behringer UMC1820 & UMC404HD
    • Support for camera presets on Logitech Meetup and Logitech Rally camera

Resolved Issues

  • Optimized performance of HDMI capture devices
  • Minor Bug Fixes

Previous Releases

April 27, 2018: Zoom Rooms for Android Controller version 1.1.23870.0425

Resolved Issues

  • Minor bug fixes.

March 18, 2018: Zoom Rooms for Android Controller version 1.0.22557.0316

New and enhanced features

General Features

  • Direct Share with Proximity Detection
    Start a Screen Share from the Zoom Desktop Client using Proximity Sharing. Currently supported with the Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8" and 10.1". 

In-meeting Features

  • Switch between shared content and speaker mode
    In Zoom Rooms with a single screen, you can switch between shared content and the video of the active speaker. Tap Advanced (beneath the Change View button) to access this setting in the Advanced Settings dialog.
  • Camera sharing in Zoom Rooms
    If you have multiple cameras connected to your Zoom Rooms, you can display the video from one camera while sharing content from a different camera. During a meeting, tap the Share Content or Camera button, then choose a camera. This allows two video streams at once from your Zoom Room.
  • Panacast camera preset support
    You can use the camera preset values for Panacast cameras.

Management Features

  • Simplified Zoom Rooms setup
    After you install the Zoom Rooms software on a Mac or Windows computer, the screen displays a pairing code that you can enter into a Zoom Room controller to automatically connect it to the Zoom Room. In addition, each time you add a room, an activation code is generated, and you can generate an activation code for an existing room on the Zoom Rooms page of the web portal. Enter this activation code on the Zoom Room controller to register the device without the need to sign in with administrator credentials. The activation code is shown on the web portal in the Location Directory.
  • Automatic audio echo test
    Proactively tests your Zoom Rooms audio devices for echo daily.

Resolved Issues

  • Additional minor bug fixes.

December 5, 2017 1.0.16326.1205

New and enhanced features

  • Mute on entry
    Participants can be muted when they join the meeting.
  • Multiple MXL USB microphone support
    When multiple MXL microphones are available in a Zoom Room, they are merged into a single entity and managed together. The room automatically detects which microphone needs to be active at a particular time. Using multiple microphones is particularly useful in large rooms where a single microphone might not detect the sounds from all parts of the room.
  • Control participant video
    The Manage Participants menu includes the options Ask to Start Video and Stop Video.
  • Closed caption support
    If enabled on the Zoom web portal, meetings in rooms that use an Android controller can display closed captions.
  • Power On/Off CEC TVs in Zoom Rooms
    In Zoom Rooms that have CEC-supported TVs, you can power the TVs on or off using the Android controller.
  • Reduce excessive sound reverberation
    In highly reverberant rooms, you can reduce the echo in the room for remote participants by enabling the Reduce excessive sound reverberation setting.
  • Simplified Microphone settings
    A single Software Audio Processing setting replaces the settings for Software Echo Cancellation and Automatically Adjust Mic Level. Each microphone volume is automatically saved if it has been changed from default.
  • Start or switch to Zoom Rooms from another app
    You can use the zoomrooms:// schema from another Android app to launch or switch to the Zoom Rooms controller.
  • Control PanaCast Intelligent Zoom
    If you have the Intelligent Zoom feature enabled for a PanaCast camera, the Camera settings in the controller includes an option for Intelligent Zoom. If you enable this option, the camera zooms in and out to include all of the people in the room.
  • Switch to a specific active camera
    If more than two cameras are available in the Zoom Room, you can dynamically choose which camera is active by choosing the camera from a list. Tap Switch Camera to display the list of available cameras and then tap the one you want to use.
  • Camera presets
    The Camera Control option includes three buttons that can be used to return a camera to a specific preset position. This is available on supported models of Logitech and AVer cameras.

Resolved issues

  • Minor bug fixes

September 13, 2017 1.0.47705.0913

Resolved Issues

  • Minor bug fixes

September 11, 2017 1.0.47361.0908

New and enhanced Features

  • Remotely control participant cameras
    You can use the controller to remotely control a meeting participant’s camera or the camera in another Zoom Room or in a 323/SIP based Room System. Tap the Manage Participants icon, then tap the participant or room name and choose Request Camera Control. After the room or participant accepts the request, the camera controls for the other camera display on the controller.
  • Pin a participant’s video
    You can choose a participant whose video always displays during the meeting. Tap the Manage Participants icon and then tap the name of the participant and choose the Pin Video option from the menu.
  • Control floating video location in a meeting
    The Speaker view includes the Advanced option, where you can specify the corner of the screen in which the video thumbnail displays.
  • Choose a Thumbnail, Gallery, or Speaker video layout
    The Thumbnail layout combines the speaker view with a scaled down gallery view. In this layout, a single row of thumbnails containing the most recent speakers displays below a large view of the currently active speaker. Tap the Change View icon on the controller to switch among the layout choices.
  • Hide host and meeting ID from private meetings 
    If this feature is enabled, private meetings do not show the host name or meeting ID on the controller or the Zoom Room screen. Individuals can join a private meeting from a Zoom Room by clicking the Start button, even though they cannot see the host or meeting ID.

Resolved Issues

  • Minor bug fixes

July 24, 2017: Zoom Rooms Android Controller App: Version 1.0.40109.0721

New and enhanced Features

  • Incoming calls supported through SIP PBX 
    You can now choose to add SIP Phone Integration for a Zoom Room that uses the Android controller. See Zoom Rooms PBX Support for details.
  • Lock speaker volume control 
    The Android controller locks the volume of the speaker if you enable the Lock speaker volume control on controller setting for the room.
  • Audio tones when entering a phone number outside of a meeting 
    When you are not in a meetings, and enter a phone number on the Android controller, you can hear a tone for each digit.
  • Support for arranging displays when a Zoom Room has 2 or 3 screens 
    If your Zoom Rooms has 2 or 3 screens, the Android controller arranges the displays according to the Display Settings that you specified on the web.
  • Country code for PSTN call-out 
    If your account supports telephone call-out, the country code will now be populated with the default call in country from the Zoom Rooms settings.
  • Remote management of the Zoom Room from the Zoom cloud 
    The Zoom Rooms controller pulls new settings from the Zoom cloud every 15 minutes.
  • Users can provide feedback after a meeting 
    The Android controller can now display the end-of-meeting experience feedback survey, if this option is enabled on the web.
  • Improved network handling and notifications 
  • Support for Android tablets with a 7-inch display 

Resolved Issues

  • Minor bug fixes

April 19, 2017: Zoom Rooms Android Controller App: Version 1.0.30136.0419

  • Improved Google login 
    Google has enhanced the login process, and in the latest version of Zoom Rooms, logging in through Google takes advantage of these enhancements. 
    Important: If you log in using Google, you must upgrade the Zoom Rooms software before April 20.
  • Minor bug fixes

January 16, 2017: Zoom Rooms Android Controller Version: 1.0.21459.0116

New and enhanced Features

  • Zoom Rooms Controller features
    • Android device support
      You can now use an Android tablet (version 4 or later) as the Zoom Room Controller.


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