New Updates for Zoom For Salesforce Follow

Upcoming Release

Details about upcoming releases will be posted as they become available. 

Current Release

June 23, 2017 Version: 1.5

New Feature

  • Service Cloud Integration with Zoom 
    Ability to start zoom session from within a case and track the meetings in the Activity History.

Resolved Issues

  • Bug Fix for the issue when Saving Recurring Series event leading to Too many SOQL-101

Previous Releases

February 13, 2017 Version: 1.4

New Feature

  • 3 new custom reports
  • Schedule meetings with PMI
  • Send invitation e-mail to external users
  • Meeting recordings listed in the activity
  • Import of the non Salesforce Zoom meetings into Salesforce
    if the invitee list matches with the any of the contacts, auto create the activity.
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