New Updates for Zoom For Salesforce Follow

Upcoming Release

Details about upcoming releases will be posted as they become available. 

Current Release

April 16, 2018 Version 2.4.1

Resolved Issues

  • Fixed the Issue of Job ’Sync External Zoom Meeting’

Previous Releases

Version 2.3

New and Enhanced Features

  • Made the “API Key/Secret” fields in the Zoom config page visible only to Zoom admin users
  • Added Zoom meeting information to the event description field if the new org-level option is enabled in the Zoom config page by an admin (disabled by default)
  • Removed "Zoom URL" in the zoom config page (no longer required)
  • Emails are now sent to the meeting owner after scheduling a Zoom meeting.
  • Added ICS file as an attachment to meeting invitation emails if the new user-level option is enabled in the Zoom config page (disabled by default)
  • Added ability to now set or change a user’s default mail “from address” on the Zoom config page (previously could only set it from the “custom settings” page - can now set from either)
  • Prevented Zoom meetings from being started by an admin who has logged in as a different user using the ‘login as user feature

Resolved Issues

  • Fixed meeting metrics batch job synch issue related to timezone

Version 2.2 

New and Enhanced Features

  • Support Changing Owner of Event with Zoom Meeting
    Before changing the owner of Zoom Meeting to a particular user, you should get the privilege of scheduling meeting for that person, you can ask the target user to sign in to zoom website, and add your email address to : My Meeting Setting --> Schedule for Privilege
  • Add extra time description with Salesforce User time zone in meeting invitation email
    Previously, this app just populate PST time into Meeting Invitation Email. Sure ,if you put Customer_Start_Time__c, Customer_Time_Zone and Customer_Duration into you Event Page Layout and populate them all when you creating event, Time in the time zone you populated will be appended to Meeting Invitation Email. From now, we appended time in Use Time Zone after PST time.That means, if you populate 3 customer time fields, you will get 3 Time in different timezone.Otherwise, you will get 2 time lines, one in PST, the other is your salesforce time zone.
  • Add error message to Zoom Meeting Creation Status when the email of your salesforce user is not a valid Zoom user

June 23, 2017 Version: 1.5

New Features

  • Service Cloud Integration with Zoom 
    Ability to start zoom session from within a case and track the meetings in the Activity History.

Resolved Issues

  • Bug Fix for the issue when Saving Recurring Series event leading to Too many SOQL-101

February 13, 2017 Version: 1.4

New Features

  • 3 new custom reports
  • Schedule meetings with PMI
  • Send invitation e-mail to external users
  • Meeting recordings listed in the activity
  • Import of the non Salesforce Zoom meetings into Salesforce
    if the invitee list matches with the any of the contacts, auto create the activity.
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