New Updates for IBM Notes Plugin Follow

Upcoming Release

September 23, 2018 Version 4.4.32566.0914
New and Enhanced Features
  • Meetings Scheduled with Default Audio Type
    Meetings will now be scheduled using the default audio type selected on the user's My Meeting Settings page. A different audio type can be selected when scheduling.
Resolved Issues
  • Personal Audio Conference invitations now list dedicated dial-in, if enabled
  • Minor Bug Fixes

Current Release

June 19, 2018 Version 4.3.4832.0619 (PC only)

Resolved issues

  • Minor Bug Fixes

Previous Releases

December 17, 2017 Version 4.1.56374.1206 (PC only)
Fixed in this release
  • Minor bug fixes 
September 24, 2017 Version 4.1.8752.0922 (PC only)
New and enhanced features
  • Schedule meetings with an alternative host
    You can now include an alternative host when scheduling a meeting through the Zoom IBM Notes Plugin.
  • Mute participants on entry
    When scheduling a meeting from IBM Notes, you have the option to have all participants muted when they join.
Fixed in this release
  • Minor bug fixes 
July 9, 2017 Version 4.0.38003.0705 (PC only)
New and enhanced features
  • Schedule meetings directly from your IBM Notes calendar event
    After installing the Zoom Plugin for IBM Notes, you can easily add a Zoom Meeting to a new or existing calendar event. Zoom offers a direct installer or an Administrative install for Domino server. For more information, please see this article: How To Use the IBM Notes Plugin
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