New Updates for AD Sync Tool Follow

Upcoming Release

Details about upcoming releases will be posted as they become available. 

Current Release

July 10, 2017 Version: 0.2.0

New and enhanced feature

  • Update to the unique identifier in AD
    The unique identifier that the AD sync tool uses has been changed from distinguishedName to objectGUID. This change makes it easier to find deleted user, and supports the ability to rename users from AD and change their email at the same time.
  • Filter synced users by group
    A new parameter is available in the DataSource for LDAP section of the file. Update the value of the with the full DN for a user group. If you specify a DN for a user group, only members in the specified group will be synced to Zoom.  If this value is empty, users from all groups will be synced to Zoom. This value is empty by default.

Previous Release

May 20, 2017 Version: 0.1.0

New and enhanced feature

  • AD Sync to Zoom is a command line tool that you run within your Microsoft Active Directory environment. This tool can:
    • Identify users in your Active Directory system who do not currently have Zoom accounts, and provision accounts for them.
    • Delete or deactivate Zoom accounts for users who no longer exist in your Active Directory system
    • Modify information in the Zoom account if it is updated in your Active Directory system

Note that Zoom Support must enable access to this tool before you can use it.

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