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On July 8, 2017, we released a Zoom Room update that allows the account owner or any admin on the Zoom account to login to the Zoom Room with their own credentials, removing the need for a separate login specific to the Zoom Room. 

Any Zoom Rooms created before July 8, 2017 can be logged into with either the Zoom Room work e-mail address and password or the owner/admin credentials.

For any Zoom Room created after July 8, 2017, the account owner or administrator can login to the Zoom Rooms app and iPad controller and select the room. Alternatively, you can make a specific role in Role Management for the previous Zoom Rooms work e-mail login, giving them the proper permission to access Zoom Rooms. 


  • Zoom Room licenses
  • Owner or Admin privileges on your Zoom Account

To Add a New Role for Zoom Rooms

  1. Login to zoom.us and go to your Role Management, under User Management.
  2. Click Add a RoleScreen_Shot_2017-07-20_at_2.14.52_PM.png
  3. Enter a Role Name, such as Zoom Room. 
  4. Check View for Zoom RoomsScreen_Shot_2017-07-20_at_2.19.44_PM.png
  5. Click Save Changes at the bottom. Screen_Shot_2017-07-20_at_2.20.25_PM.png

You now have the new role created for Zoom Room access, but you will also need to edit any Zoom Room users to give them this permission. 

  1. Go to Users under User Management. 
  2. Locate the Zoom Room email address. Click Edit on the right. Screen_Shot_2017-07-20_at_2.34.50_PM.png
  3. From the Role Dropdown, select the Role Name that you created in Step 3 above. Screen_Shot_2017-07-20_at_2.36.25_PM.png
  4. Click SaveScreen_Shot_2017-07-20_at_2.36.35_PM.png

You will now be able to login to the Zoom Room with the Zoom Room work email address or as any admin or owner. 


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