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Meeting and webinar invite emails will utilize the specified global dial-in numbers. Account owners and admins can customize how these numbers are displayed in the meeting and webinar invite emails by editing the email template in Freemarker format. This article will go over what common variables are used within meeting and webinar email branding to adjust how many numbers are displayed.

Note: Some dial-in numbers support multiple languages. These numbers prompt you to choose the language you want to hear the automated receptionist in, before asking for the meeting ID and other details. These dial-in numbers will cause the one-tap mobile link to not work properly, as a choice has to be made before the other details are accepted. 

This article covers:

Prerequisites for customizing global dial-in countries in meeting email templates

  • Business plan or higher
  • An approved vanity URL
  • Account owner or admin privileges

Customizing branding email templates for meetings

  1. Sign in to the Zoom web portal.
  2. In the navigation menu, click Advanced then Branding.
  3. Scroll down to the Meeting section.
  4. Click Edit next to Meeting Invite Email or Meeting Schedule Email to edit the template.
    You can use one of the email templates below.

Email templates

Displaying default numbers

  1. To add the default numbers to the invitation, the following can be used. This is the default option included in the template.
    Or Telephone:
        Dial(for higher quality, dial a number based on your current location):<#assign n = 0><#list pickedNumbers as pickedNumber><#if (n == 0 || (n > 0 && != pickedNumbers[n - 1].country))>${'\r\n        '}${pickedNumber.countryName!'US'}: </#if><#if (n > 0 && == pickedNumbers[n - 1].country)> or </#if>${pickedNumber.displayNumber} <#if>(Toll-free)</#if><#assign n = n + 1></#list>
    For example, if you had the US, Canada, and the United Kingdom selected, it would show as follows: f2a76fae-7e39-4b57-abd3-97365107fcd6.png

Displaying all selected countries for one-tap 

To add the picked numbers to one-tap, the following can be used. The following will add all selected countries for one-tap call. 

Or iPhone one-tap :<#assign n = 0><#list pickedNumbers as pickedNumber><#if (n == 0 || (n > 0 && != pickedNumbers[n - 1].country))>${'\r\n        '}${pickedNumber.countryName!'US'}: </#if><#if (n > 0 && == pickedNumbers[n - 1].country)> or </#if>${pickedNumber.displayNumber?replace(' ','')?replace('(0)','')},,${number?c}# <#if>(Toll-free)</#if><#assign n = n + 1></#list>

For example, if you had the US, Canada and the United Kingdom selected, it would display all three countries as follows:

Displaying only the first country for one-tap

The following snippet will use the only numbers from the first country in the list for iPhone one-tap. This is the default for the Meeting Schedule Email and the Webinar Registrants Confirmation email. 

Or iPhone one-tap :
    ${pickedNumbers[0].countryName!'US'}: ${pickedNumbers[0].displayNumber?replace(' ','')?replace('(0)','')},,${number?c}# <#if pickedNumbers[0].free>(Toll-free)</#if><#if ((pickedNumbers?size) > 1 && pickedNumbers[1].country == pickedNumbers[0].country)> or ${pickedNumbers[1].displayNumber?replace(' ','')?replace('(0)','')},,${number?c}# <#if pickedNumbers[1].free>(Toll-free)</#if></#if>

For example, if you had the US, Canada and the United Kingdom selected with the US as your first country listed, it would display as follows: 
: This will only display two numbers. If you have more numbers selected and would like to display more, the following can be added where "n" represents the "nth" dial in number for that country. 

<#if ((pickedNumbers?size) > n && pickedNumbers[n].country == pickedNumbers[0].country)> or ${pickedNumbers[n].displayNumber?replace(' ','')?replace('(0)','')},,${number?c}# <#if pickedNumbers[n].free>(Toll-free)</#if></#if>

Note: The example only allows for the numbers to be from the same country. You can remove this restriction by removing 

&& pickedNumbers[n].country == pickedNumbers[0].country)

Once done, we will also need to specify the country by using the following.


The following can be used to display three one-tap options for up to three countries.

Or iPhone one-tap :
${pickedNumbers[0].countryName!'US'}: ${pickedNumbers[0].displayNumber?replace(' ','')?replace('(0)','')},,${number?c}# <#if pickedNumbers[0].free>(Toll-free)</#if><#if ((pickedNumbers?size) > 1)> or ${pickedNumbers[1].countryName!'US'}: ${pickedNumbers[1].displayNumber?replace(' ','')?replace('(0)','')},,${number?c}# <#if pickedNumbers[1].free>(Toll-free)</#if></#if>
<#if ((pickedNumbers?size) > 2)> or ${pickedNumbers[2].countryName!'US'}: ${pickedNumbers[2].displayNumber?replace(' ','')?replace('(0)','')},,${number?c}# <#if pickedNumbers[2].free>(Toll-free)</#if></#if>

Manually adding one-tap mobile links for specific numbers 

If you would like to keep specific one-tap mobile numbers always included in your meeting invites, you will need to manually add them to the template, rather than letting Zoom automatically include numbers based on your dial-in preferences. 

Please use the following format for the one-tap mobile links: 


With that template, you can also utilize some of the existing email variables together with the number you want to require, so that the meeting ID and the passcode will change based on the meeting. 



  • If one-tap mobile numbers are hardcoded into the template, any changes to our available dial-in numbers or your account's access to those numbers will cause issues with participants using the dial-in numbers contained in the one-tap links. 
  • Our one-tap mobile links are designed to work with iOS devices, and do not typically work on Android devices. Also, since they function as a type of link, they must be displayed as HTML, not plain text. For this reason, viewing an invite in some email and calendar apps that do not support HTML will cause issues. We recommend the Gmail or Outlook apps, but others may work as well. 
  • If the dial-in number supports multiple languages, then the one-tap mobile link will not work properly, as the automated receptionist will first ask which language you would like. You can skip this by adding 0#,, before the meeting number in the one-tap link, but this will eliminate any choice for those participants joining by one-tap. 

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