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Using Crestron Mercury as a Zoom Rooms Controller Follow


The Crestron Mercury is a device for the conference room that, when attached to a Zoom Room, can operate as a combination of a speakerphone and a controller. Zoom and Crestron have partnered to provide this combined solution by embedding the Zoom Rooms controller software within the Crestron Mercury firmware. The Crestron Mercury is available either as part of a Zoom Rooms Crestron Kit or as a standalone device. Additional details are available on the Crestron Zoom Rooms, Crestron Support and Release Notes website.


  • Crestron Mercury with the latest firmware update
  • Zoom Rooms license
  • Computer with Zoom Rooms for Mac or Windows installed
  • Conference room camera
  • One or more displays
  • Account owner, admin, or role that allows editing Zoom Room settings

Note that the Zoom Rooms Crestron Kit already includes these components with the exception of the flat panel display.


To use the device in a Zoom Rooms Crestron Kit as the Zoom Rooms controller:

  1. Configure the Zoom Room on the Zoom web portal.
    See Add Zoom Rooms for instructions.
  2. Follow the instructions in the document for your Zoom Rooms Crestron Kit.
    • CCS-UC-ZOOM-BASIC KIT Room Basic Kit Installation & Operation Guide
    • CCS-UC-ZOOM EXPANDED KIT Room Expanded Kit Installation Guide

To use a standalone Crestron Mercury as the Zoom Rooms controller:

  1. Configure the Zoom Room on the Zoom web portal.
    See Add Zoom Rooms for instructions.
  2. Make sure that the device is operating in Zoom Rooms mode.
    If Zoom Rooms mode is not enabled, follow the instructions in the Crestron Mercury Tabletop Conference System Supplemental Guide, available on the Crestron website.
    Wait for your Crestron Mercury device to show the Zoom Rooms Sign In page, which can take several minutes.
  3. Follow the instructions for setting up a Zoom Room, as described in Getting Started with Zoom Rooms.
    Note: Instead of configuring a separate tablet, configure the Crestron Mercury display as the controller.   

The Crestron Mercury device is now enabled as the Zoom Room controller, and can be used in exactly the same way as the Zoom Rooms Android controller. See Zoom Rooms Controller Features and Zoom Rooms Attendee Features for details.


  • Crestron controllers will no longer support Google's OAuth 2.0 sign in method in 2020. 
  • The Settings > About page of the Crestron Mercury Zoom Rooms controller shows the IP address of the device. The IP address is used to access the Crestron configuration page.