Marking a message as unread

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You can mark a message as Unread, even if you have already read the message. This can be useful if you want to return to an important message, since it will keep the chat session at the top of your list of chats, and indicate that you have unread chats.


  • Zoom Client for Windows or Mac, version 4.1.8826.0925 or higher


  1. Open a chat. Any unread messages are automatically marked as Read, and the indicator of unread messages no longer displays.
  2. Hover over a message in this chat, click ..., and select Mark as unread
    The status of this message will display as Unread, and unread messages indicator displays a value of 1.
  3. After you are done with this message, you can hover over the chat, click on the arrow again and select Mark as read.

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