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The Home screen of Zoom Rooms for Touch includes a list of any meetings scheduled for the room. If the meeting list includes Zoom meetings, those meetings are associated with a START button, where you can start a scheduled meeting. You can also start an instant meeting or join a meeting started outside of the Zoom Room.

This article covers: 


  • Zoom Rooms for Windows version 4.0.44731.0823
  • Windows PC version 8.1 or higher with a touch screen
  • Touch drivers installed on the computer
  • Single display only

Start a Scheduled Meeting

If your room is associated with a calendar resource, the scheduled meetings for that Zoom Room will show on the screen. If the meeting is scheduled as a Zoom meeting, you can start the meeting by tapping START.

Start an Instant Meeting

From the Home screen, tap Start a Meeting. The meeting will begin with the settings that configured on the Zoom web portal for that room.

Join a Meeting

If you know the Meeting ID, you can join a meeting currently in progress from your Zoom Rooms for Touch.

  1. From the home screen, tap Join a Meeting. The keypad will display.
  2. Enter the Meeting ID of the meeting you want to join. 
  3. Tap Join Meeting.
  4. Control the display of the meeting:
    • If you are using the integrated touch controls, you can switch between Gallery View and Speaker View, start a whiteboard session, and invite anyone in your contact list to join the meeting.
    • If you are using an iPad or Android controller, you can use all of the features available for that controller.
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