Follow Presenter’s Pointer During Screen Sharing Follow


When a presenter is sharing a screen that is at a higher resolution than yours, you can automatically follow the presenter’s pointer on your desktop client. This is particularly useful when only a portion of the shared screen is visible to you, helping you stay focused on the important part of the shared screen.


  • Zoom Client for Windows or Mac, Version 4.1.8826.0925 or later
  • The presenter cannot be sharing content from within a Zoom Rooms meeting.


  1. Start or join a meeting or webinar on a Zoom desktop client.
  2. When screen sharing begins, the Follow Presenter’s Pointer option is automatically enabled.

  3. If you manually move the shared content, you see a message that lets you know that the option to follow the presenter’s pointer has been disabled.

  4. To re-enable following the presenter’s focus, under View Options, choose the option Follow Presenter’s Pointer

    Note:  You must view the presentation using the original window size.


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