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Zoom Rooms Software Audio Processing Follow


For microphones without integrated software audio processing, the Zoom Room can manage the microphone settings to optimize microphone sound quality. Zoom Room software audio processing includes echo cancellation, noise reduction and automatic gain control. If the microphone in use includes built-in audio processing, this setting can be disabled to avoid the Zoom Room audio processing interfering with the built-in audio processing.


  • Zoom Rooms for Mac version 4.0.37666.0630 or later
  • Zoom Rooms for PC version 4.0.44731.0823 or later
  • Zoom Rooms for iPad controller version 4.2.37605.0629 or later


  1. On the iPad controller, tap Settings
  2. Toggle Lock Settings to allow you to make setting changes. Enter the iPad passcode.
  3. Tap Microphone.
  4. If the room includes multiple microphones in the Source list (including devices with an integrated microphone), tap the name of the device that you want to adjust. 
    • The Software Audio Processing option is automatically disabled for certain devices that have been identified by Zoom. These are generally speakerphones that include their own audio processing typically with integrated speaker and microphone. For all other audio devices, this option is automatically enabled.
    • For a microphone that includes its own audio processing, disable the Software Audio Processing option. For all other microphones, leave this option enabled.
  5. After making your changes, toggle Lock Settings again. 

Note: The software Audio Processing option replaces the Software Echo Cancellation and Automatically Adjust Mic Level options from older versions of the Zoom Rooms software.