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Advanced SAML Mapping Follow


Advanced SAML mapping allows you to designate a Zoom license, add-ons, user roles, user groups, or IM groups based on a value being passed via SAML upon login. This can allow you to have certain users, for example university faculty, to receive a license upon login, while other users, for example university students, will be Basic (non-licensed) users upon login. You can also deny users access to your Zoom account using Advanced SAML mapping.

Advanced SAML mapping affects new users and also existing users with member or admin permissions upon their next login via SSO. Advanced SAML mapping does not apply to the Zoom account owner. 


  • Owner or Admin in Zoom
  • SSO Configured

Setting up Advanced SAML Mapping

The SAML attributes and the corresponding values will need to be configured in your Identity Provider (IdP). Once you have configured them in your IdP, you can set up advanced SAML mapping in Zoom.

  1. Sign in to the Zoom web portal.
  2. Click AdvancedSingle Sign-On.
  3. Click SAML Response Mapping.
  4. Scroll down to the SAML Advanced Information Mapping section.
  5. Click Add next to the item that you want to designate based on SAML value.
    • User Type: Designate if this user should receive a Basic, Licensed, On-Prem (for accounts using On-Premise) or None, which will deny the user access to your Zoom account.
    • Add-on Plan: Designate if this user should receive an add-on plan, such as a Webinar or Large Meeting License. They will also need to be Licensed assigned to them to use an add-on plan.
    • User Role: Designate if this user should be an admin, member or a customized role (set up in Role Management). 
    • User Group: Designate if this user is added to a specific group. Groups are set in Group Management and can limit features and permissions.
    • IM Group: Designate if this user is added to a specific IM group. Read more about IM management.
    • Zoom Phone Calling Plan: Designate if the user has a Zoom Phone license and requires outbound calling or a direct phone number.
  6. Once you click add next to the item that you would like to set, you will need to enter the SAML Attribute, SAML Value and Resulting Value. You can add multiple SAML Attributes and/or values if you would like to designate different groups of users to receive different results.
    • SAML Attribute: Enter the Attribute Name being passed by your IdP.
    • SAML Value: Enter the value being passed by your IdP for this specific user or group of users.
    • Resulting Value: Select how you want this user assigned in Zoom based on the SAML value.
  7. Add additional SAML mappings by clicking Add.
  8. Click Save Changes.
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