New Updates for Zoom Rooms Windows Controller Follow

Upcoming Release

Details about upcoming releases will be posted as they become available.

Current Release

March 29, 2018  Version 1.2.2974.0329
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Resolved Issues

  • Minor bug fixes.

Previous Release

March 18, 2018  Version 1.2.2651.0319
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New and enhanced features

In-meeting Features

  • Camera sharing in Zoom Rooms
    If you have multiple cameras connected to your Zoom Rooms, you can display the video from one camera while sharing content from a different camera. During a meeting, tap the Share Content or Camera button, then choose a camera. This allows two video streams at once from your Zoom Room.
  • Panacast camera preset support
    You can use the camera preset values for Panacast cameras.
  • Pin a participant’s video, and spotlight participant
  • Claim or reclaim host control of the meeting
  • Users can provide feedback after a meeting
    The Windows controller can now display the end-of-meeting experience feedback survey, if this option is enabled on the web.
  • Camera presets
    The Camera Control option includes three buttons that can be used to return a camera to a specific preset position. This is available on supported cameras.
  • Control floating video location in a meeting
    The Speaker view includes the Advanced option, where you can specify the corner of the screen in which the video thumbnail displays.
  • Choose a Thumbnail, Gallery, or Speaker video layout
    The Thumbnail layout combines the speaker view with a scaled down gallery view. In this layout, a single row of thumbnails containing the most recent speakers displays below a large view of the currently active speaker. Tap the Change View icon on the controller to switch among the layout choices.

Management Features

  • Simplified Zoom Rooms setup (ZOOM-31697)
    After you install the Zoom Rooms software on a Mac or Windows computer, the screen displays a pairing code that you can enter into a Zoom Room controller to automatically connect it to the Zoom Room. In addition, each time you add a room, an activation code is generated, and you can generate an activation code for an existing room on the Zoom Rooms page of the web portal. Enter this activation code on the Zoom Room controller to register the device without the need to sign in with administrator credentials.
  • Support for arranging displays when a Zoom Room has 2 or 3 screens
    If your Zoom Rooms has 2 or 3 screens, the Windows controller arranges the displays according to the Display Settings specified on the web.

Resolved Issues

  • Additional minor bug fixes.

January 25, 2018  Version 1.1.59858.0126
Download the software from Microsoft App Store

  • Fixed a proxy support issue

November 11, 2017  Version 1.1.54801.1123
Download the software from Microsoft App Store.

New Features

  • Zoom introduces the Zoom Rooms Windows Controller for tablets. This controller works in a similar way to the Android and iPad controllers. See Zoom Rooms Controller features for details.
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