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Using the Workplace Bot Follow


The Workplace by Facebook Zoom Bot integration allows you to start an instant meeting or join a scheduled meeting quickly. Meetings created in Workplace by Facebook will appear on your Zoom account.

This article is for Workplace accounts where the bot is already configured. If you have not configured the Workplace Bot yet, see Getting Started with the Workplace Zoom Bot

This article covers:


Using the Workplace Zoom Bot

The Workplace Zoom Bot shares meeting information in group chats. To see information about all available commands, enter the command @zoom help.

Group Chat

Enter the appropriate @zoom command in Group Chats to start a meeting without a meeting topic, start a meeting with the specified topic, or join a meeting.

Meeting Summary and Recording Link

When the meeting ends, the Bot will post a meeting summary and a recording link (if the meeting is recorded in cloud).  However, this will not be posted if the meeting used your Personal Meeting ID. You can disable the setting to "always use PMI for Instant Meetings" on your Zoom Profile.