Zoom Rooms for ProAV Room (7-13 people) Follow

Room Type: Conference
Room Size: 7-13 people

Zoom Rooms can work with new or existing ProAV equipments.  For a conference room that sits 7-13 people, we recommend a single Shure Microphone Array (ceiling or table-top) along with a Shure ANIUSB network interface that connects to the Zoom Rooms PC or Mac. Speakers may be ceiling speakers or a sound bar. Zoom Rooms will act as the DSP for audio echo cancellation, noise reduction and gain control. 


Equipment List:

Video Components

Optional Wired HDMI Content Sharing

Audio Components

Speaker Options

Microphone Options

CPU Options

Controller & Accessories

Mounting Components

Room Scheduler

Cables & Supplies

Functional Diagram:Pictorial_Schematic_-_Pro_AV_-_Single_Array.png


Microphone Layouts:

Shure MXA910 - One Microphone per eight to ten seats




Shure MXA310 - One Microphone per four to six seats



Room Elevations:

Display/Camera Height:


Conduit / Backing / General Contractor details:




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