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The Zoom for Tesla app allows you to join meetings directly from within your Tesla car, facilitating meetings with others on the go. The Zoom for Tesla app uses the car’s interior camera and microphone to connect you to Zoom Meetings. When parked, your video can be enabled and other participants’ videos are shown. Viewing shared content is also available when parked. When driving, only audio is available.

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Prerequisites for Zoom for Tesla

  • Model S and X with horizontal touchscreen
  • Model 3 and Y built since ~January 2022
  • Software version v11.1 2022.44.25 or higher
  • Infotainment Processor: AMD Ryzen
    • This processor information can be found through Controls > Software > Additional vehicle information

How to open and sign-in to Zoom

  1. On the Tesla screen, tap the Zoom icon .
  2. (Optional) If you need to join a meeting without signing in, tap Join Meeting.
    Note: Some meetings may require you to be signed-in to your Zoom account before joining.
  3. Tap Sign In.
  4. Enter your email address and password, or tap one of the 3rd-party login options (SSO, Apple, Google, Facebook).
    Upon successful sign-in, you will have the options to start a New Meeting or Join a meeting.

How to join a meeting

Manually join a meeting

  1. On the Tesla screen, tap the Zoom icon .

    Note: If not already signed-in, it is recommended to do so first, as meetings may require you to be signed-in to your Zoom account before joining.

    1. Tap Join.
      If you are not signed-in, you will see Join Meeting instead.
    2. Enter the meeting ID or Personal Link Name.
    3. Tap Join.
    4. You may be prompted to provide your name, in order to identify yourself to others in the meeting.
    5. If the host has set a meeting passcode, you will be prompted to enter the passcode before joining.
      You will join the meeting and have access to in-meeting controls.

Join a meeting with the join link

Beside manually entering the meeting ID and passcode, it is also possible to tap a Zoom link from your calendar or a text message.

  1. Open the message or calendar event.
  2. Tap the join link.

    The Zoom app will open and launch the meeting.

Tesla in-meeting controls

After starting a meeting or joining a meeting, you will have the following in-meeting controls:

  • Start Video  / Stop Video : Choose to start or stop your video. The vehicle
    Note: This option is disabled when driving, and only accessible when the vehicle is in Park.
  • Unmute  Mute : Mute and unmute your microphone.
  • Participants  : See who's currently in the meeting.
    If the Waiting Room is enabled and any participants are currently in the Waiting Room, the host will also see those participants listed, with the options to Remove or Admit each participant.
  • End  or Leave : End the meeting for all (if currently the host) or leave the current meeting

To hide the in-meeting controls, swipe down on the call card. To bring back the in-meeting controls, tap the Zoom icon in the status bar at the top of the screen.

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