Changes to 10DLC Non Usage fines

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  • Zoom requires customers to register their SMS-enabled US and Canada Phone numbers against the 10DLC Brand and Campaign in order to ensure compliance with downstream mobile carrier requirements and prevention of spam and fraudulent messaging.
  • Downstream mobile operators need to know that SMS originating from your business is valid and legitimate to keep their end users from receiving excessive spam. As a follow-up to that, mobile operators are now levying fines for campaigns that are created but do not have any numbers assigned to them in a 60-day rolling period.
  • This is a marked change from the previous non-usage rule which was tracking usage at a Phone number level. Previously, numbers that were registered with 10DLC campaigns but not sending messages in a 60 day rolling period were subject to the non-usage fine. This has changed now. Going forward the non-usage tracking will be at the campaign level. What this means is that mobile operators want customers to create campaigns and assign numbers to them. The new non-usage fine is levied by mobile operators when a campaign is created but no numbers are assigned to it within a 60-days rolling period. There is a fine of $250 for every campaign that does not have any phone numbers assigned to them within 60 days of creation. Fines will no longer be issued for campaign-associated phone numbers that are not actively sending traffic.
  • Customers are requested to ensure that all campaigns are assigned at least one phone number. As always, Zoom aims to safeguard the interests of our customers. To protect Zoom customers from the $250 fine, Zoom will proactively delete active campaigns if they do not have any phone numbers associated with them in a 60-day rolling period.
  • Account administrators will be provided with an advance notification on day 15, 30, and 45 of the rolling 60-day period if there are campaigns that fall into the above classification. Customers are requested to take action on these campaigns and associate at least one phone number with them. If no action is taken, the campaign will be automatically deleted by Zoom at the 60-day mark.
  • Please note that messages sent from phone numbers that do not have an associated campaign might not get delivered to the intended recipient. Customers are requested to ensure that their phone numbers are associated with a campaign in order to ensure a smooth messaging experience

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