Changing Call Live Transcription setting

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Admin can enable or disable the Call Live Transcription policy setting to help their hearing impaired and non-native language users view close captions of their call participants. During a call, users can toggle on or off captioning except for the following:

  • The Call is encrypted.
  • The call uses location-based routing.


  • Call live transcription is only available for English at this time.
  • If you are a user, follow these instructions.

Prerequisites for enabling or disabling call live transcription

  • Pro, Business, Education, or Enterprise account
  • Account owner or admin privileges
  • Zoom Phone licenses in the account

How to enable or disable call live transcription

  1. Access policy settings at the account, site, group, or phone user level.
  2. To the right of Call Live Transcription, click the toggle  to enable it if it is disabled.
  3. In the dialog windows, acknowledge and accept the terms of call live transcription, then click Enable.
  4. (Optional) Unselect Play a prompt to call participants when the transcription has started to let call participants know the call is being transcribed.
    Note: Selected by default.
  5. Use the default audio prompt, or click Edit, then select the following:
    1. Choose from Asset Library: Select an audio prompt from your asset library.
    2. Add Audio: Add an audio prompt as desired.
  6. Click Save.
  7. If Play a prompt to call participants when the transcription has started is unselected, a Check Off dialog window will appear for you to acknowledge and accept the terms, then click Confirm.
  8. (Optional) If you want to make this setting mandatory for all users in your account, click the lock icon  , and then click Lock to confirm the setting.

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