Release notes for January 15, 2023

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Release notes for Zoom PWA

New and enhanced features

  • General features
    • Enhancements to existing custom disclaimer
      When users launch or join a meeting or webinar, or log in to their account through the web portal, desktop client, or mobile app, admins can display a customized disclaimer, which users must accept the disclaimer to join, start, or sign in to the session. This has been enhanced so that admins can apply this to user groups. Previously, disclaimers could only be triggered for all internal or all external participants.
    • Support for HID devices
      The PWA can support audio controls through USB-connected HID devices.
  • Meeting/webinar features
    • Optimize for video clip support on web client
      When sharing video content through the web client, the Optimize for video clip option can be enabled to improve frame rate and reduce audio lag. Higher frame rate improves synchronization of shared audio and video content. This option may reduce resolution and frame rate of other video participants to save CPU load.
  • Meeting features
    • Creation and editing of polls directly in a meeting
      Hosts and co-hosts can create, edit, and delete polls during a meeting. Previously, creating and editing a poll launched the web portal, for changes to be made there.
    • Support for Q&A in meetings
      Hosts can enable the Q&A feature in meetings to allow participants to ask questions, which can be viewed by all, but only answered by the host and co-host. Questions can be submitted anonymously, and responses can be sent publicly for all to see or privately to just the sender. Hosts can also mark submitted questions as something that will be answered live, so participants are aware and can expect their answer to follow soon.
    • Enhanced formatting for in-meeting chat
      In-meeting chat is being enhanced to support more advanced forms of messaging, including in-line image previews, rich text formatting, screenshots, threaded replies, reacting to messages with emojis, and message quoting. Messages can also be deleted after being sent.
  • Webinar features
    • Webinar Resources
      Webinar hosts with a Zoom Events license can provide resource links for their attendees. This provides the ability to link to external resources, such as newsletter sign-ups, learn more pages, and others. Hosts can review the interaction results after the webinar concludes through Reporting.

Resolved Issues

  • Minor bug fixes
  • Security enhancements
  • Resolved an issue with video feeds when rejoining the main session from a breakout room

Release notes for Web

Changes to existing features

New and enhanced features

  • Administrator features
    • Continuous meeting chat
      Account owners and admins can enable dedicated group chats for meeting conversations. This allows meeting hosts to schedule a meeting and invite contacts, which are added to both the calendar event for the meeting and the dedicated Team Chat group chat. This group chat and its messages are accessible before, during, and after the scheduled meeting. This feature must be enabled by Zoom.
  • User features
    • Continuous meeting chat
      Meeting hosts can schedule a meeting and invite contacts, which are added to both the calendar event for the meeting and the dedicated Team Chat group chat. This group chat and its messages are accessible before, during, and after the scheduled meeting. This feature must be enabled by Zoom.
    • Bulk add meeting registrants
      Hosts can add meeting registrants in bulk by importing a CSV file with the registrants’ full names and email addresses. Registrants will be automatically approved. There will not be any way for hosts to individually add registrants to a meeting, but individuals can still use the registration link to sign up.
  • Device management
    • Warning for Zoom Rooms devices running on macOS 10.13 and iOS 11
      Starting April 2023, the OS on Zoom Rooms devices running on Apple version macOS 10.13 and iOS 11 or lower, will need to be updated for the applications to work. Admins will see a warning in their device list telling them to update the OS version of those devices meeting these criteria.
    • Custom auto-update channel to desktop client
      Account owners and admins can create a custom auto-update channel, allowing their users to automatically update their Zoom desktop clients to a specific version of the admin’s choosing. These devices must be managed by ZDM and this feature only supports Windows and macOS devices at this time. This feature must be enabled by Zoom.

Resolved issues

  • Minor bug fixes

Release notes for Zoom Whiteboard

New and enhanced features

  • Administrator features
    • Export Whiteboard to PDF from the dashboard 
      With the approval of account owners, admins can now export whiteboard PDFs of specific boards from the whiteboard administration page. All pages and comments related to an exported whiteboard will be included in the PDF. An audit log of the whiteboard is also exported.
  • User features
    • Additional colors for objects
      More colors have been added in addition to the existing 8 colors. Users can choose from a color palette or specify a color by entering its hexadecimal code. Colors can be applied to the following objects:
      • Text
      • Shape outline
      • Shape fill
      • Sticky note fill
      • Lines & connectors
    • Support for shape border outline 
      Users are able to apply border outlines to shapes using the existing line connector outlines. Users can also decrease or increase border thickness to improve visibility of objects.
    • Delete and rename whiteboards
      Users with editor access will have the ability to delete and rename Whiteboards.
    • Enhancements to Jira Integration
      Users can filter work items in Jira based on select fields to add Jira issues to a whiteboard.
    • Editing whiteboards in mobile app 
      Users can edit Whiteboards in the Zoom app for Android and iOS by opening a Whiteboard in a web browser. Users can tap the screen to activate tools and edit objects, swipe or pan to navigate within the canvas, double-tap or twirl and tilt to zoom in/out, and more.

Release notes for Zoom Phone

New and enhanced features

  • Administrator features
    • Enhancement to location services
      If location services is disabled by a user, account admins can prevent the user from sending SMS for certain locations.
    • Enhancement to Caller ID
      Account owners and admins can prevent their users from blocking caller ID on outbound calls on their clients and IP phones (PWA, ZPA, and ZRs are not supported at this time). This feature is a sub-feature of the current Select Outbound Caller ID feature. When disabled, allows an extension not to hide their caller ID. This feature is enabled by default.
    • Enhancement to BYOC
      The SMS feature is now supported for BYOC phone numbers. Admins can activate the SMS service to those numbers along with full 10DLC compliance. Domestic SMS messages are not charged, however, international SMS messages are charged at metered rates. This feature is only available in the US and Canada at this time.
  • Devices
    • Certified devices
      Zoom Phone supports the following devices. Account owners and admins can add these devices to the Zoom web portal as part of the provisioning process.
      • Grandstream:
        • HT801, HT802, HT812, HT814, HT818
    • Firmware upgrades
      The following devices will receive new firmware upgrades. Devices will automatically reboot to upgrade the firmware.
      • AudioCodes
        • 445HD, 450HD, C450HD, RX50
      • Cisco
        • ATA 191, ATA 192
      • Grandstream
        • HT801, HT802, HT812, HT814, HT818
    • Local survivability support
      The following devices now support local survivability:
      • Poly: CCX400, CCX500, CCX600, CCX700, Trio C60, Trio 8500, Trio 8800

Resolved issues

  • Minor bug fixes
  • Security enhancements
  • A security enhancement has been implemented, where a site-specific admin is restricted to users, common areas, and devices of their own site

Release notes for Zoom Rooms

For full notes including version numbers, please see the operating system release notes. 
Appliances | Zoom Phone Appliances

New and enhanced features

  • Zoom Phone Appliances
    • Zoom Phone Appliances setup
      Base configuration settings are now automated for Out-of-box or Factory Resets, which minimize manual provisioning.

Resolved issues

  • Resolved an issue where contacts were not showing after integrating with Exchange
  • Minor bug fixes

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