Transferring a Zoom Contact Center voice engagement

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Agents can transfer an active voice engagement to the following:

  • Zoom Contact Center user, address book contact, queue, or flow
  • Zoom Phone user, call queue, or voicemail

After transferring to Zoom Phone, you will be prompted to add a disposition to the engagement.

This article covers:

Prerequisites for transferring a voice engagement


  • Admins can restrict your transfer options. If you can't complete a transfer, contact your admin.
  • The ability to transfer to a Zoom Contact Center or Zoom Phone voicemail must be enabled by Zoom. To have this feature enabled, submit a request to Zoom Support.

How to transfer a voice engagement

  1. Sign in to the Zoom desktop client.
  2. Click the Contact Center tab.
  3. Answer a voice engagement.
  4. Click Transfer in the voice call controls.
  5. Under Transfer to, follow one of these options:
    • Number pad: Dial an external number using the on-screen or your keyboard number pad, then click the phone icon.
    • Copy and paste: Copy and paste a number in the text field.
    • Search contacts: Type a name or number above the dial pad to search Zoom Contact Center users, Zoom Phone users, address book contacts, queues, and flows. Click a search result to transfer the call. 
    • If the contact has several phone numbers, click the right arrow icon to view and select the number to call.
    • If the contact is another agent that belongs to several voice queues, click the right arrow icon to view and select the voice queue that the engagement will be assigned to.
    • Search results for Zoom Phone users will display users' Zoom profile picture, presence status, display name, and extension number.
    • Search results for Zoom Contact Center agents will display agents’ Zoom profile name, Zoom Contact Center profile picture as set by the admin, and availability status. Admins can set a Zoom Contact Center profile picture and display name that's separate from their Zoom profile picture.
    • If you transfer to a flow, Zoom Contact Center will not provide an automated announcement that notifies the consumer they are being routed to another flow. Admins can use the Send Media widget to configure a flow to play an announcement.
  6. Click the transfer icon , then select a transfer method:
    • Direct Transfer: Transfers the call, then immediately hangs up your call. If there are any phone menu prompts, the other party will have to complete them.
      • This is the only available option when transferring to a flow.
      • If the receiving agent doesn't accept the inbound notification, the engagement will end.
    • Warm Transfer: Places your call on hold while you complete the transfer. This option is useful if you want to navigate a queue’s automated answering machine for the caller or if you want to speak to the receiving agent before your call is transferred.
    • Transfer to Voicemail Inbox (when transferring to Zoom Contact Center agent): Transfer to the agent's voicemail inbox. Select an inbox to transfer to, then click Transfer.
    • Transfer to Voicemail Inbox (when transferring to Zoom Phone user): Transfer to the Zoom Phone user's voicemail inbox. Select an inbox to transfer to, then click Transfer.
      Note: To enable this feature, submit a request to Zoom Support.
  7. If you transferred the engagement to an external party, Zoom Phone user, Zoom Phone call queue, or Zoom Phone voicemail, add a disposition.

Caller ID name and number used after transferring a voice engagement

  • When transferring to another Zoom Contact Center agent or Zoom Phone user, that receiving person will see the original caller's caller ID name and number in the inbound notification.
    Note: The same rule applies when a Zoom Phone user transfers a call to Zoom Contact Center.
  • If the caller ID number belongs to an address book contact, the inbound notification will display the contact's display name instead of the phone number's caller ID name (regardless of whether the caller has a caller ID name).

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