Advance notice of end of support for Zoom Rooms Android Controller for specific rooted hardware devices

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In January 2023, Zoom released the final version of Zoom Rooms Android Controller application supporting “rooted” hardware devices. Zoom Rooms using “rooted” hardware devices via the Zoom Rooms Android Controller application must switch to a supported Zoom Rooms Controller device (see Recommended migration options below) to continue to receive application updates.

Note: this announcement only applies to specific “rooted” hardware.


Historically, Zoom has supported the use of the Zoom Rooms Android controller app on a wide array of hardware. Due to the lack of operating system updates for the affected legacy hardware (listed below), support for these devices will be terminated to enable new application features made possible by new Android OS releases.

Affected “rooted” hardware 

The following devices are affected:

  • Atlona
  • CE Labs
  • Harman AMX Moderox-MX6DQ
  • Harman AMX MD-1002
  • Harman AMX MT-1002
  • Mimo Adapt-IQV (MCT-10HPQ)
  • ProDVX APPC-10X
  • QBIC TD-1050
  • QBIC TD-1060
  • Starin

Zoom Rooms Android Controller 5.13.5 Release Timeline

In January 2023, the final version of Zoom Rooms Android Controller application was released to manufacturers of the “rooted” hardware listed above to distribute to their customers. 

How can I check whether I have deployed Zoom Rooms Android Controllers on affected rooted hardware?

Unfortunately, some manual review is required. Customers may gather data on deployed Zoom Rooms Controllers from the Zoom admin portal by following these steps:

  1. Sign in to the Zoom web portal.
  2. Click Device Management then Device List.
  3. Click the All Platform OS filter drop down and change it to Android.
  4. Click the All Zoom Device Types filter drop down and change it to Zoom Rooms Controller.
  5. Click Export to review a list of devices in CSV format.
  6. Repeat the steps after changing the All Zoom Device Types filter drop down to Zoom Rooms Scheduling Display.

Review the exported data, e.g., in Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets. Verify the physical hardware present in any Zoom Room where the Vendor, Model, and Enrollment are unknown (indicated by a value of “-”); the “Assignment” column in each CSV file will contain the name of the Zoom Room.

Can I continue to use Zoom Rooms Android Controller on my devices?

The aforementioned rooted hardware devices may continue to use Zoom Rooms Android Controller version 5.13.5. However, the application will expire on September 30, 2023. After this date, Zoom Rooms Android Controller version 5.13.5 will stop operating and show a notification message instructing the administrator to transition to an alternative hardware platform supported by the Zoom Rooms Controller application as soon as possible.

What should I do?

Zoom recommends examining Android-based devices deployed as Zoom Rooms Controllers or Zoom Scheduling Displays in your Zoom account to determine the device models in your deployment. Zoom recommends replacing any “rooted” hardware with a recommended Zoom Room Controller or Scheduling Display device as soon as possible

See Recommended migration options below. Prior to replacement, you may continue to use the Zoom Rooms Android Controller application as described above until the expiration date arrives.

Recommended migration options

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