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Bot flows are built using widgets. Widgets are like lego pieces that you connect to create the customer experience. Each widget performs different actions — some are customer facing and some are data actions. To build a bot flow, you can select widgets and connect them together using circle nodes or exit steps.

Prerequisites for using widgets in Zoom Virtual Agent

  • Account owner or admin privileges; or relevant role/privilege
  • Basic, Pro, Business, Education, or Enterprise account
  • Zoom Virtual Agent license
  • Bot flow created

Zoom Virtual Agent widget types

Here are the types of widgets in Zoom Virtual Agent and what they do:

Start: This widget serves as an entry point to your bot flow.

Send Media: This widget allows you to send the users texts, images, or videos. It can send up to 5 texts, images, or videos using a single widget.

Collect Input: This widget allows you to send the user a prompt message and looks for a reply.

Match Intent: This widget allows you to send the users text (prompt message) and have the bot look for the user's text input to look for intents.

HTTP Call: This widget can request information from an external data source. This becomes even more powerful when the widgets are combined with variables.

Script: This widget allows developers to build actions on their own with Javascript without the UI.

Condition: This widget routes the user to a next widget based on the presence of a variable.

Set Variables: This widget stores information to customize your bot experience.

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