Using the Draw tool

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Using the Draw tool places the cursor into drawing mode to perform freehand sketching. The Draw tool provides you two options: Pen and Highlighter. You can use the Pen tool to draw and use the Highlighter tool to mark texts. Clicking an object will bring up more menu and editing options.

Pen and Highlighter

In the toolbar on the left side of the screen, click the pencil icon or press P on your keyboard to begin drawing. To activate the Pen or Highlighter tool, click the pencil icon and then select Pen or Highlighter.

To change the thickness, click the pencil icon in the left menu and select the brush size from the options bar: Thin, Regular, and Thick. When the Pen tool is active, the selected brush size will not be applied to the Highlighter tool. You need to adjust the thickness manually for each tool.

Clicking an object using the Select tool will open the context menu. You can change the line thickness and color, or click the ellipses icon to reveal More options.

  • Copy: Copies the selected object.
  • Paste: Place the copied object somewhere else on the whiteboard.
  • Duplicate: Makes an exact copy of the selected object.
  • Copy Link to Object: Copies the hyperlink or URL of a selected object which can then be shared or pasted elsewhere.
  • Bring Forward: Moves the selected object up one layer.
  • Bring to Front: Put the selected object on the top layer.
  • Send Backward: Moves the selected object back one layer.
  • Send to back: Put the selected object on the bottom layer.
  • Export as Data: Export data from selected object as a CSV file.
  • Save as Template: Saves the selected object as a template. Users can use the saved template to create a new whiteboard.
  • Info: Shows the creator and last editor of the selected object.
  • Lock: Locks objects and groups of objects to prevent other users with edit access from accidentally modifying the whiteboard content.
  • Delete: Deletes the selected object.

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