Pre-registering Zoom Sessions guests

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Hosts can pre-register users by directly sending them emails with event join links when publishing an event. Pre-registration eliminates the need for attendees to register before joining a Zoom Sessions event. After being pre-registered for an event by the host, attendees will receive join links in an email invitation when the event is published.

Hosts can control whether pre-registered guests will receive a join link, require registration, and receive email notifications. Hosts can also do the following actions:

  • Bulk-upload external tickets and registrations, providing support for users that register on Zoom Sessions (other ticketing or manual registration lists)
  • Add or delete pre-registered attendees
  • Extract registration or join links from registration management

Prerequisites for pre-registering Zoom Sessions guests

Note: For access to the latest Zoom Events and Webinar features, we strongly recommend hosts to update to the latest version of the Zoom desktop client/mobile application.

How to pre-register Zoom Sessions guests

  1. In the Zoom Sessions event setup, access the Manage Registration page.
  2. Click the Registrants tab.
  3. Click Pre-register Guests.
    A panel will appear.
  4. In the panel, select from the following:
    • Do you want this guest to register for the event?: Select if you want pre-registered guests to register or join your event directly.
      • If you select Yes, registration forms will be sent to guests and geo-blocking will apply.
      • If you select No, registration forms will not be sent to guests, and guests will be able to join the event directly. Registration geo-blocking will not apply.
    • Authentication for joining the event: Select the authentication method for your event.
      • Signed in via Zoom account: Guests must sign in with their Zoom account.
      • Signed in via external SSO: Guests must use an external SSO to sign in.
        • Click the Select External Authentication dropdown and select the external authentication method.
      • No sign in to join: Anyone with the join link can access the event.
    • Do you want Zoom Events to send all email communications?: Select Yes if you want Zoom Events to send out invitations, reminders, and transactional emails. Select No if you want to send all email communications.
    • How many guests would you like to pre-register?: Select if you want to pre-register a Single Guest or Multiple Guests.
      • To pre-register Single Guests:
        1. Complete all Guest Information fields.
        2. Click Register.
          The guest and their information will appear on the Manage Registration page.
      • To pre-register Multiple Guests
        1. Download the sample CSV file.
        2. Enter and edit the information for your pre-registered guests.
        3. Save the CSV file.
        4. Drag and drop the CSV file or click Upload CSV to upload your file.
          The guests and their information will appear on the Manage Registration page.

Pre-registered guests will have the Pre-register Invited registration status.

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