Using AirPods with Zoom

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You can use your Apple AirPods or other Bluetooth headphones in a Zoom meeting as the speaker and microphone.

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How to connect your Bluetooth headphones in a Zoom meeting

  1. After connecting your headphones with your computer, join or start a meeting.
  2. If prompted, click Join with Computer Audio.
  3. In the meeting controls toolbar, next to Mute/Unmute, click the arrow icon.
  4. Below Select a Microphone, select your headphones.
  5. Below Select a Speaker, select your headphones.
    Note: If your headphones are not listed here, they may not currently be connected to your computer.
  1. After connecting your headphones with your mobile device, join or start a meeting.
    Note: If this is your first time joining a Zoom meeting on this device, you will be prompted to give Zoom permissions.
  2. Tap Wifi or Cellular Data.
  3. (Optional) In the top corner, click the Bluetooth icon to ensure your headphones are selected.

How to troubleshoot AirPods not working with Zoom

Test audio settings in Zoom

Zoom may automatically connect to your device’s default speakers and microphone. In addition to connecting your headphones to your device, you can select your AirPods in Zoom’s settings before a meeting to make sure they’re connected with Zoom.

Note: While in a Zoom meeting with AirPods, other participants may experience lower quality audio from your microphone.

Learn how to check Zoom’s audio settings.

Stop all other music or audio

With Bluetooth connected, if other apps besides Zoom play audio during a Zoom meeting (such as an incoming phone call or music streaming), Zoom will stop the meeting’s audio and try to mute. To prevent this from happening, pause or close any other apps using your device's audio.

Disconnect Bluetooth headphones from all other devices

AirPods may not work properly if they are connected to multiple devices. Sometimes, you may hear others, but other participants can't hear your microphone. Try disconnecting your Bluetooth headphones from any other devices than the one you are meeting on Zoom with.

Unpair and repair AirPods to your device

Try disconnecting your AirPods from your device, then reconnecting them through pairing.

Reset AirPods

Learn how to reset your Apple AirPods.

Connect to a different headset (USB recommended)

Try a different headset, such as a supported USB device.

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