Release notes for February 28, 2023

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Release notes for LTI Pro

New and Enhanced Features

  • LTI Easy Scheduler - This feature focuses on providing an office hours, scheduling, and calendar system through the use of Zoom. Instructors can create, edit and publish their availability for office hours. Students can view active bookable schedules in their course and schedule 1:1 appointments with their instructors. Note: Schedules are set at the course level. Any appointments will be applied to that course only.
  • Meeting Connector LTI change - Accounts utilizing the Meeting Connector will now manage users at the account, group, or user profile level. If you have an existing account, utilizing the Meeting Connector module, the LTI configuration page will only show “Basic” and “Licensed” types under Auto provision
  • Recording Analytics in LTI - Now the meeting host can view analytics (page views and downloads) for a cloud recording that the host has shared within Zoom LTI. The recording metrics are available as Summary, By View, and By Download. Note: This feature is only available for the meeting host
  • Schoology Calendar integration enhancement - With the latest release 365 calendar events can be created in Schoology
  • Custom Meeting Scheduler - Now LTI meeting scheduler supports scheduling meetings with custom minutes along the predefined 15-minute interval(0,15,30,45)

Resolved issues

  • Issue related to LTI Pro no longer auto-assigning new alternative hosts to existing meetings are fixed.
  • when LTI Pro displays the attendance grade report, if the student with a mixed case email, the report will miss the grade for that student. This issue is fixed.

Known Issues

  • Changing the User Role for the LTI Pro installer from Admin to Member on the Edit User page will cause LTI Pro to stop working due to the application will not have the necessary permissions to function.
  • Importing meetings into LTI Pro that were created in an account that was merged into another account currently does not work.
  • Single meetings within recurring meetings can’t be edited.
  • Calendar events will not be updated if the meeting is updated from Zoom Web.
  • The LTI Pro config page is not translated.
  • Auto Provision with non-email value is not supported by LTI Pro.
  • Guest users(Non-Zoom users) will not be able to see the assignments. Import / disassociate meeting is out of scope for assignment review. The assignment polling feature doesn’t support Poll Library on Zoom web.

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