Release notes for March 8, 2023

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Release notes for Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)

Version: 5.13.10

Changes to existing features

  • Prevent VDI Plugin Installation for Microsoft Store Downloads of Citrix Workspace
    The Windows VDI Plugin for Citrix requires a Citrix Workspace version downloaded from the Citrix website. Versions of Citrix Workspace downloaded from the Microsoft Store do not support the full virtual channel functionality required for Zoom’s VDI solution. The installer will notify the user and prevent installation if the version of Citrix Workspace is not supported because it is a Microsoft Store version.

New and enhanced features

  • Linux features
    • Linux support for Gesture Recognition
      Account owners and admins can enable or disable Gesture Recognition, which allows for visual hand gestures, such as a raised hand, to automatically display a corresponding meeting reaction. This feature currently supports Raise Hand and Thumbs Up reactions. This setting can be enabled and locked at the account and group levels.
    • Linux reduces meeting memory usage
      There is a performance enhancement in Linux to reduce multi-participants’ meeting memory usage. Previously, each video item contained many unused properties which used a lot of memory for multi-participant meetings.
  • macOS features
    • Mac support for MDM deployment
      We support deploying the ZoomVDI pkg via MDM solution. Users (IT engineer) can use third-party MDM solutions (e.g. JAMF Pro or VMware Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub) to deploy the ZoomVDI pkg to employees’ Mac devices.
  • Meeting/Webinar features
    • Hybrid meeting module security shield notifications
      When users click the green security shield during hybrid meetings, the security shield pop-up window reflects the meeting information. When regular hybrid meetings take place, users are notified that they’re connected to the Zoom Global Network by a data center controlled by their Zoom account owner. When internal hybrid meetings take place, users are notified that they’re connected to a data center controlled by the host's account owner.
    • Webinar Session Branding
      If enabled by an account owner or admin, hosts can customize their webinar session’s appearance by uploading a wallpaper image behind the video tiles, setting a virtual background, and applying name tags to panelists. This feature requires VDI Client and plugin version 5.13.10 or higher to see branding. Panelists that join with a lower version will not have access to the virtual background or name tag.
  • General features
    • Annotation discoverability
      When viewing shared content, an additional toggle is available in the bottom-left corner of the shared content, making the annotations toolbar more easily accessible. This additional toggle for annotations is in addition to the existing entry point under View Options.
    • Update VDI Plugins for Waiting Room minimum time options
      A new option to configure the minimum time the user will be kept in a waiting room required some changes to work with VDI plugins. The minimum number of seconds is displayed in the waiting room dialog.

Resolved issues

  • General fixes
    • Raise Hand changes for correct hand color selections
      An issue was found for VMware and AVD when users changed the selection of the reaction skin color more than once before using the reaction.
    • Minimum version dialog change for VDI Plugin
      When a user is not allowed to join a meeting because they are using a version below the minimum version required, a dialog will appear. This dialog has been updated to indicate when the VDI plugin needs to be updated.
    • Frozen video when changing Optimize For Video during share
      A fix has been added to address a problem where viewers received frozen video if the presenter changed the status of the option Optimize for Video while presenting.
    • Audio watermark not displayed when switching to speaker view
      An issue was fixed for the recent Audio Watermark feature added to the 5.13.0 release. Previously, for meetings where only the new audio watermark was enabled, a viewer joining and switching to speaker view would not see the watermark.
    • Check and prompt user for Virtual Background video requirements
      Video backgrounds with resolutions less than 360p or greater than 1080p are not supported; however, the upload attempt was not informing users of the limitation. This problem has been resolved.
    • Incorrect video when pinning yourself in small active speaker view
      A correction was made to display the user’s video during a share session if they switched to small active speaker view and pinned themselves.
    • VDI Plugin dump file transfer
      An issue has been resolved that prevented dump files from being transferred correctly.
    • Display Japanese language option for closed captioning
      An issue has been fixed where the Japanese language option was not being displayed as a selection for closed captioning.
    • Viewer unable to hear sound when DisableShareOffload=1
      When a VDI client presented a share session with DisableShareOffload enabled, viewers were unable to hear sound from the presentation.
      Note: When DisableShareOffload is enabled for a VDI client viewing a presentation, the VDI client viewer is unable to hear the presentation audio. This problem is still open.
  • Citrix fixes
    • VDI Plugin auto-update fix for earlier Citrix Workspace
      Changes were made to fix a bug where VDI Plugin Auto-Update for Citrix did not work with earlier Citrix Workspace, such as Citrix Workspace 1912.
  • VMware fixes
    • Support VMware WS1 UEM and Mac VDI Plugin
      Changes were made to support MDM installation of the Mac VDI Plugin for VMware using Workspace One and Unified Endpoint Management. The change required some modifications for package privileges.
    • Zoom Meeting client crashes when exiting the application
      An issue was reported where the Zoom VDI Meeting client was crashing when exiting when using a release of the VMware Agent 8.6 or greater. The issue has been fixed.
  • Linux fixes
    • Linux plugin issue for Share Computer Sound
      An issue that could result in a crash when using the option for Share Computer Sound during a share session was fixed for Linux VDI Plugins.
    • Display prompt when plugin cannot support simultaneous interpretation languages
      A problem was fixed to display the dialog that warns VDI users when a host has enabled more languages than their VDI plugin supports.
  • macOS fixes
    • Video Stops in the Video Setting Dialog When Joining a Meeting
      An issue was found and fixed where the video displayed in the Video Settings would stop updating if the user joined a meeting while the dialog was open.
    • Display watermark for profile, name and avatar
      Updates were made for the Mac to display the watermark on top of the profile, name, and avatar selections.
    • Display the Focus Mode icon in speaker view
      A fix was made to display the Focus Mode icon in the speaker for Mac.
    • Display HD video when enabled for account with Mac VDI plugins
      There was an issue that has been fixed where the Mac VDI Plugin was not displaying video at HD resolution.
    • Avoid an issue that the meeting process suddenly terminates
      There was an issue where the meeting process would occasionally terminate when PingServerFromThinClient was 1 and DisableMMRDirect was 0.
  • CentOS fixes
    • CentOS plugin fix
      Users must use these command lines to install an extra package to prevent a known crash issue: sudo yum install -y xcb-util-renderutil xcb-util-wm.

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