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After you publish an event for Zoom Events, you have the opportunity to edit that event. Event creators can edit drafts and upcoming events. This feature is useful because you can update your event so your attendees always have up-to-date information.

This enables event organizers to publish events with minimal but necessary content—to provide exposure to the event as early as possible—while providing time behind the scenes so the event can build over time with more added information.

This article covers:

Prerequisites for editing an event for Zoom Events

How to edit an event for Zoom Events

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  1. Sign in to Zoom Events.
  2. In the left navigation menu, click the top dropdown arrow  and select Across Hubs.
  3. In the left navigation menu, click Events.
  4. Click the tab with the event that you want to edit:
    • Upcoming (if the event is published)
    • Drafts (for unpublished events)
  5. To the right of the Zoom Events upcoming or draft event you want to edit, click the pencil icon.
    You will be directed to the event creation workflow to edit and save/publish the event.
  6. Make the necessary changes.
  7. Click Save.

Zoom Event details that can be edited after publishing


  • Hosts can update cloud recordings and live streaming settings after a ticket has been sold, after an event goes live, and during an event. Additionally, hosts can enable livestreaming and recording settings after a ticket has been sold for published events that have not taken place yet.
  • After a single-session event, recurring series event, or multiple sessions event is published, the host can edit their event’s ticket details for any published event even if it already has registrants. The Quantity, Ticket Name, Description, Registration Starts/Ends fields are editable and will apply to future registration after they are updated. Additionally, hosts can add to or delete the guest list.
  • You cannot change the Free or Paid type if the event has been published or if a ticket type has been created.
  Single-session Multiple sessions Recurring sessions event
Assign to Hub      
Name, Description, Category, Tags
One-time vs Series      
Free or Paid event      
Geoblock Countries
Event Date/Time and Timezone*
Extend the end time of an event’s last day    
Main Event Image
Company Logo
Additional Video
YouTube Link    
Event Description/About Event
Contact Info
Upload/Export/Download CSV    
Event Branding
Add Speaker
Edit Speaker
Delete Speaker
Add Session  
Edit Session  
Delete Session
Invite Speaker to Edit Speaker Bio
Invite Primary Speaker to Edit Session    
Change Session Type (Meeting/Webinar)
Session led by exhibitor    
Expo exhibitors/sponsors    
Add/edit/delete/reorder exhibitors and sponsors    
Exhibitor/Sponsor PDF    
Event Access*
Lobby Chat    
Lobby Open Time    
Lobby Close Time
Meeting - Waiting Room
Attendees can change screen name
Webinar - HD video for Attendees
Automatically start recording when a session starts
Include complimentary access to this event's cloud recording with registration
Geoblock countries for recording access
Livestreaming to lobby    
Notify attendees when recording is available    
Custom message for recording notification emails    
Alternative Host Ticket
Panelist Ticket
Custom Registration questions—edit/add/delete/reorder questions
Add Ticket
Edit Ticket
Delete Ticket
Edit restricted tickets via guest list/domain/users in account
Edit/remove restricted tickets via guest list/domain/users in account
Message for Confirmation Email
Toggle to enable/disable networking  
Toggle to enable/disable networking directory  

*For free multiple-session events and free single-session events, the event date and time can be changed regardless of the publishing status, ticket status, and payment status. Hosts can manually send an email notification to attendees with the latest time change. For paid multiple sessions events and paid single-session events, after a ticket is sold, these items cannot be changed.

Zoom Event details that can be edited after an event ends

  Single-session Multiple sessions Recurring sessions event
Event Name
Company Logo
Main Event Image
Additional Video
Speaker bios
Session title    
About this Session    
Add downloadable material in the Sessions tab
More Controls tab*    
Content Configuration tab
Lobby Configuration tab

*Note: Hosts cannot edit the In-session Branding, Interpreters, Polls/Quizzes, and Resources tabs for sessions.

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