Release notes for April 23, 2023

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Release notes for Workspace Reservation

Note: The release notes for Workspace Reservation were delayed to May 6, 2023, due to issues with deployment. Please visit the Release notes for May 6, 2023, for more details.

Release notes for Zoom Whiteboard

New and enhanced features

  • Admin features
    • Export option to extract whiteboard list
      An Export button has been added to the Whiteboard Management page, allowing administrators to download the filtered list of whiteboards to a spreadsheet in CSV format. This new feature is especially useful for admins who need to manage a large number of whiteboards and want an easy way to keep track of them.
  • User features
    • Export option for out-of-meeting desktop client experience
      The out-of-meeting whiteboard experience on the desktop client has added the Export option, which is already available in the out-of-meeting whiteboard experience through the web portal.
    • Zoom Whiteboard data encryption
      Zoom has implemented the Zoom Customer Managed Key (CMK) to encrypt all whiteboard data on canvas and comments. Since encryption happens for whiteboards, admins have granular control over individual whiteboards. Zoom Whiteboard joins other items covered by CMK encryption.
    • Snap-to-grid functionality
      Users can snap objects to the grid on a canvas. This functionality makes it easy for users to align objects perfectly, eliminating the need to manually create a grid with boxes. This functionality can be disabled, giving users further control over their canvas editing experience. The snap to grid feature is applicable to all canvas objects, including shapes, text boxes, sticky notes, lines, images, and more.
    • Improvements to using the Whiteboard on mobile 
      Users can insert images from their camera and adding comments will automatically activate the text field. Clicking on a comment shows its location and expands its content, making it easier to follow discussions. The ability to focus on an object being edited, whether it be a note, text, or shape, has been added.
    • Improvements to Jira integration with Zoom Whiteboard
      The following improvements are made to the Jira integration with Zoom Whiteboard.
      • Users can create new tickets in Jira from Zoom Whiteboard.
      • Users can Import work items from Jira using Jira Query Language (JQL).
      • Users can convert existing cards to Jira cards thus creating new items in Jira.
    • Improvements to Whiteboard tools
      The following tools and features are improved for better usability:
      • Tables are now easier to interact with.
      • Multi-selecting canvas objects now allows users to change rich text & font format, object fill color, object border color, and shape conversion.
      • The context menu now appears on top of other menus, combine vertical and horizontal alignment into a single control with 9 options, decrease gaps between menus, and allow the color palette to close after color selection while the object halo remains open.
      • Color usability has been enhanced by adding a line to separate default colors, adding gray color as a default color to all palettes, and allowing users to duplicate default colors to create new custom colors in the color palette.
    • Callout shapes
      Callout shapes are available for Whiteboard for diagramming, flowcharting, and mapping including dialog callout, oval callout, cloud callout, rectangle callout, and explosion callout shapes.
    • Support for mini map feature
      A mini map feature has been added to allow users to see where the content is located on their canvas and easily navigate to a specific area of the board. This will make it simpler to jump from one part of the whiteboard to another without getting lost. In addition, users can zoom in and out of specific areas of the board without panning, making it easier to view and locate content. These new features will improve navigation and efficiency while using our whiteboard platform.
    • Support for timer feature
      Users can now set time constraints for specific activities using the new timer function. The timer can be set for up to 24 hours, and only whiteboard owners and editors with persistent access can use it. A pulsating edge of the screen alerts users when the timer expires. Timers set outside meetings are not visible during meetings and timers set during meetings only affect users in the same meeting.
    • Export whiteboard as CSV file 
      With the new export feature, users can export tables and sticky notes contained within whiteboards as a comma-separated value (.CSV) file, giving users the option to easily analyze data created in whiteboards in other applications.

Resolved issues

  • Minor bug fixes

Note: The Host owns boards feature has been pulled from release due to issues with deployment and will be available in another upcoming release.

Release notes for Zoom Rooms

For full notes including version numbers, please see the operating system release notes. 
Windows | macOS | Appliances | Zoom Phone Appliances | iOS controller | Android controller | Windows attached controller | iPad

New and enhanced features

  • General features
    • Bring your own device (BYOD) support for Logitech RallyBar and RallyBar Mini - Appliances
      Users can bring their own Logitech appliance and use the display, camera, speakerphone as BYOD peripherals.
    • Support for Yealink CP965 - Android zrc
    • Default to numeric keypad when manually joining a meeting - Android zrc
      Some organizations use numeric passcodes for meetings and do not need a lettered keypad to appear by default when manually joining. Administrators can toggle the type of keypad that is shown by default, so switching is not necessary when inputting passcodes.
    • Upgrade Dante Application Library to v1.2 - Win, Mac
      Zoom Rooms Dante Input is now supported on Mac using the Apple M1 chipset.
  • In-meeting features
    • Hybrid meeting information - Win
      Participants can click the security shield icon to see the following text in a  regular hybrid meeting: “You are connected to the Zoom Global Network via a data center controlled by your Zoom account owner”. Participants who click the shield icon in an internal hybrid meeting will see this text instead: “You are connected to a data center controlled by the host's account owner”. In either scenario, participants can click Learn More to get information about hybrid meetings.
    • AI beam-forming on Windows DTEN devices - Win
      When noise suppression is in high mode, AI beamforming will be activated to reduce background noise.
    • Support for Multi-Camera Mode on Poly X50 and X70 devices - Appliances
      Users can enable Multi-Camera Mode (up to three  cameras, supporting up to 720p resolution) on Poly X50 and X70 appliances. Poly X50 and X70 appliances must be running firmware version 4.0.0 or greater to use this feature. 
    • Support for Multi-Camera Mode at up to 720p resolution on Poly G7500 devices - Appliances
      Multi-Camera Mode on Poly G7500 Zoom Room Appliances now supports up to 720p resolution.
    • Smart Gallery enhancement for Poly devices - Appliances
      Poly X30, X50, X70 and G7500 devices can have up to three video streams at 720p when using Multi-stream mode.
    • Support for Kalman noise reduction for 32/48kHz single channel signals and 16kHz mic array signals on Windows DTEN devices - Win
    • Support for AI denoise on DTEN Me and DTEN On devices - Appliances
      When noise suppression is in high mode, AI denoise will be activated to reduce background noise.

Resolved Issues

  • Minor bug fixes

Note: The Zoom IQ Meeting Summary feature has been pulled from release due to compatibility issues and will be available in another upcoming release. 

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