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The Zoom Virtual Agent is an AI-powered chatbot solution that provides 24/7 customer support on various channels to offer personalized and quick customer experiences. By using the chatbot, you can ask questions and receive immediate responses for various tasks, including simple inquiries and customer support. This article will guide you on using the chatbot and its support channels to get the help you need.

This article covers:

How to use the chatbot

  1. Click the bot icon on your page to start interacting with the bot.

    The welcome page will open where you can enter your name and email.

  2. Click Start Chat.
    On successful connection establishment, you’ll be able to chat with the bot. The bot will respond to your queries and requests by providing text answers, images, videos, or articles.

  3. To get more prompts like interacting with agents or ticket submission, you can do the following:

    • Type agent to redirect you to a live support agent for assistance.

    • If the bot is not able to help you, click Yes when asked if you need more help to open a prompt and select any one of the support channels configured during bot setup.

How to get more help using support channels

The Zoom Virtual Agent integration allows customers to submit a ticket request. Follow the steps below to learn how to use support channels to contact support and get more assistance.

ManageEngine ticket submission

If you selected Manage Engine as the support channel, the Manage Engine ticket form will open.

  1. Enter the required Subject and Description to submit a Manage Engine ticket request.
  2. Click Submit.

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