Release notes for May 27, 2023

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Release notes for Workspace Reservation

New and enhanced features

  • Admin features
    • Centralized location management
      Account owners and admins can use a unified location management section on the web portal to manage Workspace Reservation at the account level. This centralized location management section has the same interface in each product section but is filtered for that specific product. For example, the Workspace Reservation section would only show Workspace Reservation-relevant data in the location hierarchy under that section of the web portal. Additionally, the account owner or admin can control other users’ roles in Location Management through role management. This feature will not be immediately available, as it is dependent on a backend server update currently scheduled for May 28, 2023.
    • Manage recurring reservations
      Account owners and admins can manage recurring reservations by:
      Note: Recurring reservations are limited to 1 month in advance.
      • Canceling recurring reservations if there is no check-in for recurring instances.
      • Configuring how many recurring reservations are allowed.
    • Enhancements to the Workspace Reservation Dashboard
      The dashboard tracks workspace check-in/check-out data, including the source of the workspace reservation for each check-in/check-out and a true/false field that indicates whether the reservation was automatically checked out. The dashboard also shows how many reservations occur on a certain date/date range in the future (without questionnaire data). It also displays the number of room reservations, desk reservations, total reservations, and the number of users making reservations. Account owners and admins can view the workspace metrics of different departments. Additionally, admins can download this information in a CSV report.
  • User features
    • Make recurring reservations
      Users can make daily, weekly, or monthly recurring reservations. When booking recurring reservations, they can reserve the same workspace.
      Note: Recurring reservations are limited to 1 month in advance.
    • Automatically remove previous reservations
      When a user begins to reserve a new workspace, they will receive a message that indicates that they have other existing reservations during this timeframe. They can view their previous reservation and select whether they want to replace it with a new reservation. If the user continues to reserve a new workspace, the system will automatically delete the previous reservation.

Resolved issues

  • Minor bug fixes
  • Security enhancements

Release Notes for Zoom Contact Center

Changes to existing features

New and enhanced features

  • Admin features
    • Concurrent licensing
      Zoom Contact Center is introducing concurrent licensing, which provides a one-to-many license option where users can use a license from a shared license pool when they are actively using the Zoom Contact Center desktop client or web portal. Account owners and admins can access the licenses usage log to view overall concurrent license usage for each billing period. This feature is only available for accounts that have purchased a concurrent licensing plan.
    • Address verifications documents for number ordering
      When ordering toll-free and virtual service numbers for certain countries/regions, account owners and admins can upload the required documents to provide address verification.
    • SMS support for toll-free numbers
      Account owners and admins can assign US & Canada toll-free phone numbers as entry points for SMS flows. They can also see or add toll-free numbers that support SMS.
    • Specify caller ID for callbacks
      Account owners and admins can specify the outbound caller ID used for voice queue callbacks to the consumer. By default, voice queues use the flow entry point number as the caller ID. 
    • Localization for Queue menu text-to-speech prompts
      Account owners and admins can configure text-to-speech (TTS) menu prompts and greetings in other languages.
    • Enhancements to Collect Input widget
      There are several enhancements to the Collect Input widget:
      • When the type is set to Quick Reply, account owners and admins can set the No Match and Map Exit to Skill exit settings.
      • When Max Wait Duration is enabled for video or messaging flows, the default duration is 300 seconds (5 minutes). The max duration is 1,800 seconds (30 minutes).
      • UI text has been updated to be consistent across channels.
    • Disable default reason codes
      Account owners and admins can disable the default Not Ready reasons. Disabled reasons will still count towards the overall maximum reasons.
    • Account-level privilege
      The Contact Center Management privilege has been added to role management that grants access to the Zoom Contact Center web admin portal. Account owners will have this privilege by default. If they don't have a contact center license, they can only access user management. Other users may be granted this new privilege, but they must have a Zoom Contact Center license before they are able to access/edit Contact Center administration. This new permission also enables support for Delegated Account Administration of Zoom Contact Center. 
    • Role privilege for address book
      Account owners and admins can enable or disable agents' ability to add/edit address book contacts using the Zoom desktop client.
    • Communications Content Storage Location for SMS transcripts
      Account owners and admins can set the location where SMS transcriptions are stored using the Messaging Transcripts field on Privacy and Data Retention tab of the Preferences page for Contact Center.
    • Image editing tool
      Account owners and admins can use the image editing tool to resize, crop, and scale images when using images in campaign management, user profile pictures, flows, and video waiting rooms.
    • Enhancement to hiding personal data
      If an account owner or admin configured the setting to hide personal data, data will also be hidden in the contact details pop-up in inbound notifications, engagement event details, and the upgrade engagement pop-up window.
    • Voicemail operation log
      Account owners and admins can view the voicemail operation log to track voicemail actions. This includes voicemails being assigned, re-assigned, resolved, or deleted.
    • Skills in routing and answering events
      The Route to Queue event in the events log shows the associated skills and proficiency levels used to route to the queue.
    • Enhancement to email subscriptions
      Account owners and admins set up email subscriptions for the queue interval report. They can subscribe on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

Resolved issues

  • Minor bug fixes

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