Release notes for May 25, 2023

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Release notes for Zoom IQ for Sales

New and enhanced features

  • Administrator features
    • Configure deal risk signals
      Account owners and admins can configure settings that will trigger warnings when specific activity criteria are met for open deals. These warnings can be set for deals with associated conversations or emails, as well as for deals with a deal size equal to or greater than the amount they have specified (in USD). Account owners and admins can configure role permission to manage who can view and edit the settings.
    • Manage recommended ranges for conversational metrics
      Account owners and admins can customize recommended ranges such as talk speed and filler words to guide coaching driven by conversational metrics. Newly configured ranges will reflect in Analytics, Conversation, and Dashboard tabs.
  • User features
    • Deal risk signals
      Users can subscribe to deal-specific risk signals such as lack of engagement activity or missing keywords at deal close. These risk indicators will be displayed in both the Deals tab and the Deal detail page.
    • Support scorecard deletion
      Users can delete scorecards they have submitted, allowing them to remove incorrect or irrelevant scorecards.
    • Improve conversation to deal matching
      Additional logic is added to improve the conversation to deal matching. Enhancements to logic full name matching and first name matching for deal matching. Scores are assigned based on criteria such as meeting start time and the presence of the opportunity name in the meeting name. The deal with the maximum score gets matched, and deals owned by meeting attendees or hosts are considered. 
  • Integration features
    • Incorporate Opportunity Team from CRM
      Admins can configure which field Zoom IQ for Sales uses to determine the opportunity team in CRM. Users can see deals of the opportunity team in the Deals page, identify deals where they are part of the opportunity team, and add team members to the opportunity team of a deal.

Resolved issues

  • Minor bug fixes
  • Security enhancements
  • Resolved an issue where the View in Microsoft Dynamics link redirected to the Microsoft Dynamics home page rather than the specific deal or opportunity page

Release notes for Web

New and enhanced features

  • Device management features
    • Zoom Phone Appliances provisioning status
      Account owners and admins have the ability to check the provisioning status of their Zoom Phone Appliance devices in Device List. In case a status is indicated as unsuccessful, further options/instructions will be provided as applicable. The last provisioning date is also displayed.

Resolved issues

  • Minor bug fixes
  • Security enhancements
  • Resolved an issue where admins were unable to upgrade macOS firmware from Device Management

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