Troubleshooting issues with cloud recordings still processing

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If your cloud recording is stuck in a “Recording processing” state in the Zoom web portal, review the information in this article for options to retrieve, view, or delete the recording.

Why are my cloud recordings still processing?

There are two possible causes your cloud recording is still being processed:

  • Case 1 - Processing time: Cloud recordings typically take approximately twice the duration of the recorded meeting to process. However, in some cases, it may take up to 24 hours due to high processing loads, especially for meetings lasting over an hour.
  • Case 2 - Finalization issue: If your cloud recording continues to be in the processing state after 48 hours, it may be an isolated case where the system is unable to complete the finalization process.

How to recover or delete a cloud recording that is still processing

  • Case 1: Wait for processing completion. The system will finish processing the recording within 24 hours, after which you will be able to retrieve or delete it.
  • Case 2: Submit a request to Zoom Support for further assistance in retrieving or deleting the recording.

If you are no longer able to find your cloud recording, learn more about troubleshooting missing cloud recordings.

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