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What is Zoom One for Education?

Zoom One for Education is a named-user subscription licensing offering for schools and universities that includes both “buy-as-you-need” and enterprise-wide coverage models. Zoom One for Education addresses unified communication for schools and campuses and brings together options for Team Chat, Zoom Phone, Zoom Whiteboard, Zoom Meetings, Zoom Webinars, and more into a single solution to help deliver frictionless communication and collaboration experiences for academics and administrators alike. It offers five variations of bundles: School and Campus, School and Campus Plus, Enterprise Essentials, Enterprise Plus, and Enterprise Premier.

What is the difference between the different Zoom One for Education bundles?

Our different bundle plans are designed to address unique customer needs. If you only need a certain number of licenses for a given annual subscription, choose a School and Campus license. Should you require phone integration and a phone plan, select School and Campus Plus.

For large schools, entire school districts, or colleges and universities interested in licensing an entire institution, you can choose one of the Enterprise plans. These plans come in different flavors depending on your institutional needs and include many additional benefits. Please note that all Enterprise plans require site-wide coverage. For instance, a university’s business school cannot purchase a Zoom One for Education Enterprise plan because the model requires the entire university to be covered under this program.

For a breakdown of the new Zoom One for Education plans, see our education product matrix page.

Who can purchase the new Zoom One for Education bundles?

All eligible and accredited primary, secondary, and post-secondary (K-12 and higher education) institutions can purchase the new Zoom One for Education bundles. Zoom may make exceptions to the eligibility requirements on a case-by-case basis to accommodate unique organizations that support learners. Please contact your Zoom account executive for more information.

Learn more about Zoom Education eligibility requirements.

What is the minimum purchase requirement for Zoom One for Education Plans?

The minimum order quantity for School and Campus plans is 20. The minimum order quantity for Enterprise plans is 100 for primary/secondary (K-12) schools and districts, and 250 for post-secondary colleges and universities.

Zoom One for Education Enterprise plans require a site-wide coverage model - how does it work?

The Zoom One for Education Enterprise bundles work like today’s Zoom Meeting Education Site licenses and require site-wide license coverage based on reported full-time-equivalent (FTE) staff and faculty counts. The Zoom One for Education Enterprise Essentials, Plus, and Premier bundles are sold by Zoom directly and channel partners only, and have a 250 minimum FTE requirement for Higher Education (post-secondary) and 100 FTE for K-12 (primary and secondary) Education.

The FTE calculation is based on your country’s education ministry or department of education’s standard faculty and staff FTE calculation. In the absence of an official country policy, it is as follows: Full-time Faculty + (Part-time Faculty ÷ 3) + Full-time Staff + (Part-time Staff ÷ 2). Please note that in most cases, the FTE count is lower than the total number of employees at any given institution, although all employees will receive Zoom licenses. Customers will need to provide both the FTE count and actual employee count for the Enterprise bundle agreement and provide the total number of enrolled students in case they would like to take advantage of the $0 student option (available for higher education only).

For the purpose of billing, does the institution have to provide the number of all FTEs, including so-called non-knowledge workers such as bus drivers, cooks, gardeners, etc.?

Yes, all Zoom One for Education Enterprise bundles that require the site license coverage model must count all employees regardless of their institutional role.

Can you provide an example calculation of an FTE-based Enterprise site license?

If an institution has 200 full-time faculty, 300 part-time faculty, 300 full-time staff, and 400 part-time staff, the FTE employee count is calculated as follows: 200 + (300 ÷ 3) + 300 + (400 ÷ 2) = 800 FTE employees. In this case, the product license cost for this institution would be based on 800 FTE employees.

Note: Because the total number of employees is often higher than the FTE, Zoom will only bill for 800 FTE under the agreement but provide licenses for the total number of faculty and staff—in this example, 1,200. If this institution were a college or university, students would also receive free meeting licenses (described below).

How does the Zoom One for Education Student Option work, and who is eligible?

This optional offer is available to all higher education institutions that purchase one of the Zoom One for Education Enterprise bundles. The free-of-charge student option is available to higher education institutions only and provides Zoom One Meeting licenses to all actively enrolled students (not for alumni, recent graduates, or unmatriculated students).

For institutions not on a Zoom One Education Enterprise plan, students can still securely access Zoom meetings within your institutional environment (e.g., single sign-on), however, they’ll be subject to the same limitations as free Zoom Basic licenses available to the public (e.g., 40-minute limit on hosted meetings).

Can you purchase Zoom One for Education bundles online?

The Zoom One for Education bundles are only available via our global distribution and reseller network or from Zoom directly. The bundles are not currently available online.

How do I know if I’m on a Zoom One for Education plan?

If you are a Zoom One for Education customer, it will appear on your invoice as well as your web portal under the Billing, Account, and User Management tabs.

To manage your users and see what plan they are on, or to assign them to a new one, go to the Users page under User Management. Learn more about managing your users.

An end user can verify their license type by checking the Account section of their Profile, where they will see the components of the bundle listed. By clicking the information ? next to Licensed, the tooltip will indicate that they are a Zoom One for Education user and link to this FAQ.

My Meetings plan was recently rebranded to Zoom One for Education, why did it change?

Zoom is more than Meetings, and so is your current plan. All of our Zoom Meetings plans come with Team Chat, Whiteboard, and Meetings, so the Zoom One name better represents what you get. Additionally, Zoom One is our go-forward motion, so with the new Zoom One name you’ll get all of the relevant new feature enhancements for your plan.

For more information on why we made this change, see our blog post: Say Hello to Zoom One, an Evolution in the Zoom Platform Experience.

I’m not on a Zoom One for Education plan, how can I move to a Zoom One for Education plan?

If you want to learn more about Zoom One for Education plans, please contact your Zoom representative.

Why should I move to a Zoom One for Education plan?

Zoom One for Education brings together options for hybrid and online learning, remote work, and improved student services and community communication. It includes Zoom Meetings, Team Chat, Whiteboard, Zoom Phone, and more in a single solution to deliver frictionless communication and collaboration experiences in both academic and administrative settings at schools, colleges, and universities. Zoom One for Education also simplifies pricing and user management by giving you a bundled offering with a single SKU.

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