Release notes for July 23, 2023

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Release notes for Zoom Whiteboard

Changes to existing features

  • Separate Version History tab from Board History
    The Version History feature has been updated by separating Version Control and Board Activity into distinct tabs. The Version Control tab includes actions such as selecting a version restore point, previewing versions, and restoring versions. The Board Activity tab includes activities such as reviewing changes, selecting a change to show where the change was made on the board, and seeing changes grouped by dates. These changes will improve the user experience and make it easier to perform different actions within the Version History feature.

New and enhanced features

  • Admin features
    • Whiteboard Sharing Defaults setting
      The Whiteboard Sharing Defaults setting has been added to the Whiteboard tab, allowing administrators to set default sharing preferences that will be applied to all users within the organization. While the default settings will be applied by default, users still have the flexibility to override these settings according to their specific needs.
    • Active user on Whiteboard analytics dashboard
      The Active User definition has been updated to only include whiteboard activity such as opening a whiteboard, creating a whiteboard, sharing a whiteboard or being in a meeting where a whiteboard is shared. Just opening a Whiteboard dashboard is no longer considered an active user.
    • Whiteboard webhooks
      Two new webhooks, whiteboard.opened and whiteboard.created, have been released for Whiteboard.
  • User features
    • Ink to shape mode
      When using the pen tool, users can switch to Ink to Shape mode to convert ink strokes into shapes and connectors. This feature allows users to create flow charts with ease on a whiteboard.
    • Improvements to comments panel
      The comments panel has been improved so that users can view comments across all pages regardless of the page they are currently on, or receive notifications when there are comments elsewhere on the whiteboard.
    • Whiteboard Projects
      Users have the ability to create shared spaces called Whiteboard Projects. While Whiteboard focuses on real-time ideation and collaboration on a single canvas, this new feature provides a structured environment where team members can contribute to specific projects, access shared content, and maintain organized workflows. Whiteboard Projects can be created & owned by all Whiteboard licenses. Currently, no external users can be added to your project.
    • Pasting structured text data to Whiteboard
      Users can copy cells of data from either Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets and use the keyboard shortcut to paste onto the whiteboard either as sticky notes or a table.
    • Integrate Zoom Whiteboard with Zoom Calendar
      Users using Zoom Calendar can easily add a Zoom Whiteboard to the invite, granting access to all the meeting attendees. The included whiteboard is highlighted in the in-meeting dashboard making it easy for the user to share the included whiteboard.
    • Integrate Zoom Whiteboard with Zoom LTI app
      Users can integrate Zoom Whiteboard with Zoom LTI app for LMS systems for seamless use in education. This integration allows instructors to easily incorporate whiteboards into their courses for various educational purposes and share them with their students.
    • Enable non signed-in users to create in-meeting whiteboard
      Users who are not signed in can initiate and take part in whiteboard sessions during a Zoom meeting, leveraging the "Host owns all boards" feature. This functionality enables unsigned users to view and create a whiteboard, which will be owned by the host since the user is not signed in. To simplify the sign-in process, sign-in options are displayed within both the meeting and whiteboarding interfaces, enabling users to conveniently sign in while actively participating in a meeting or whiteboarding session.

Resolved issues

  • Minor bug fixes

Release notes for the Cloud Room Connector (CRC)

New and enhanced features

  • Support for Screen Share watermarks
    SIP/H.323 room systems can now display watermarks when screen sharing. 
    Note: Only the participant’s name will be displayed instead of the email address.
  • New dial string option
    An additional dial string (709) has been added, that combines the following dial strings:
    • 100006: Content bandwidth control: Favor Content (2MB total)
    • 200009: Video sharing mode for device sharing.
    • 306: Music sharing mode for device sharing
    • 309: Enable 1080p main video support

Resolved issues

  • Minor bug fixes
  • Resolved an issue where certain Cisco Tandberg devices were unable to view screen shares.
  • Resolved an issue where some H.323-based room systems experienced audio issues.
  • Resolved an issue where Cisco Codian MCU 4515 devices were unable to send DTMF signals.
  • Resolved an issue where devices were receiving the incorrect audio payload.

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