Release notes for August 17, 2023

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Release notes for Zoom IQ for Sales

Changes to existing feature

  • Conversation sharing optimization
    Sharing conversations is made easier with a single cohesive sharing option. This eliminates the confusion between Share Link and Copy Link buttons. The optimization also aims to establish a clear hierarchy for share permissions, ensuring a smoother and more transparent sharing process.

New and enhanced features

  • Administrator features
    • Configure data redaction settings
      Zoom IQ for Sales admins can enable data redaction and configure the data to be redacted. Data redaction applies to transcripts, summaries, and next steps.
    • Ability to disable conversation transcript and summary edits
      Zoom IQ for Sales admins can disable edits globally for Transcripts, Meeting Summaries, and Next Steps across the entire account. The No One option is added to the Edit Transcript and Conversation Detail settings, allowing admins to ensure users cannot edit and correct transcripts in Meeting and Phone Conversations.
    • Enhancement to recording analysis threshold
      Zoom IQ for Sales admins can set the Phone Call duration threshold to either minutes or seconds, with a maximum limit of 5 minutes. Similarly, for meetings, they can adjust Meeting durations to either minutes or seconds, with a maximum cap of 10 minutes.
  • User features
    • Support data redaction
      If enabled and configured by admins, redacted data in transcripts, summaries, and next steps will appear as asterisks to users.

Resolved issues

  • Minor bug fixes
  • Security enhancements

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